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11-12-2017, 05:18 PM
1. Ability to Save your own Game. / Multiple Save Slot's
2. Mark Items as Favorites - So selling and dismantling doesn't occur.
3. Mark Multiple Weapons when selling at a black smith to sell weapons in bulk.
4. Shops should no longer sell common or rare quality Items after hitting Lv 40. Legendary only.
5. Ability to upgrade weapons to Legendary status.
6. Ability to re roll Legendary gear for better perks on weapon. Like you can keep the same Perks or change to the roll you just got. Like in the division.
7. Ability to remove Uplay Items and Store items.
8. Ability to hide Markers other than fast travel Spot's for certain Location's fully completed on the Map.
9. Fix the loot bag drop delay after killing an Enemy.
10. Increase Mount Speed when traveling through town's.
11. Hidden ones Shop should sell weapons at your current level. " I'm lv 40 and the Weapons are stuck at lv 39"
12. Add more outfits. Like more Solid Black, Black n Blue, Just more. Even for now if it's just re skin's of current outfits but different color choices.
13. Add Location Completion box/Text to the map. Like 2 of 31 Regions complete.

Theses are just a to name a few. Agree with this list? Leave a like. Have a Suggestion? Drop a Comment Below.

Thank's for reading.

11-12-2017, 09:50 PM
#5 I don't agree with - Legendary items should be Legendary by nature since alot of them have special powers attached to them - nothing we can just upgrade from a common item.
I think it makes them more special, rare, sought after & rewarding.

#1 Manual game save has always been a big one with me - I like to save often - I tend to make mistakes when I play & come across new areas, etc. At least be able to keep 3 of our current games as we go along to go back to if we majorly screw up (like accidentally selling something we wanted to keep, etc.).

#3 is good, I go back & forth alot to check upgrade & it would be so much easier to click sell on it on one screen instead of flipping back & forth to find inferior/duplicate items to sell.
But most likely having it done in bulk in any way will cause more people to make mistakes with items - then they'll blame devs lol.

#7 The Uplay/Store should stay - there are people who want to buy things & Ubi's done it in a respectful, non-invasive way. Leave it alone.

I'm wondering about the photo thing - is there a way to see the pics we've taken? I can't find mine (I stay offline when I play).
Anyways, just a few things I thought I'd list while I had time.

11-13-2017, 02:47 PM

Thanks for the feedback.

However Just to clear a few Things.

#5 You can only upgrade weapons from a lower quality to legendary after hitting lv 40 and beating the game. so the meta doesn't change.

Like there are some cool weapons Id like to use while finishing side missions and so on that I simply cant use cause they are under powered.

#7 UPlay/Store "Items" not the actual store itself. I meant I have a sword or something I got from the Uplay store in my inventory that is well, Lame, so I would like to remove it from my inventory.

I believe Photos only upload when connected online. If you connect online the save data might transfer.

You can check and see if your photos appear by pressing up on the D pad when looking at the map. The blue Rectangles Are your photos.

By default when accessing the map at least while connected to the internet the rectangles are white showing other players photos. and Again by pressing up on the D-pad will change the Icons to revel your photos again marked blue.