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11-12-2017, 02:25 PM
it have been said for a while now and i think it has been test in a pts. only a guaranteed light after a heavy parry.

i believe it is a wrong idea and actually if you want to break the defensive meta no reward on parry must be on parrying lights attack.The equation is pretty simple it is why player tend to turtle ''they dont even dare to throw lights''

before i explain why think about this . Warden orochi and nobushi will get 2 lights then ! Valkyrie will loss her best and only high damage option. Lawbringer warlord and gladiator will have a free follow up on heavy parry

my main point is this : when you meet a light parry god you really feel like there is nothing else you can do or have done better , especially if you play a class like warden orochi or nobushi etc.Meanwhile when your heavy got parried the only person to blame is you because you can feint heavys.So even if technically a heavy give more time reaction to parry instead of fast light it is way more risky to parry heavys.I have also realized that light parry gods doesn't even try to parry heavys because they think you will not be stupid enough to throw a heavy from neutral due to their parry skills

in conlusion if you remove free in from lights parry (i know it could affect lawbro so maybe his follow up could be more like a unique counter like the warden) you will get players to less focus on trying to parry everything.

i play since launch and i know how to loss fights ,loosing is not something that really frustrate me but when i face a light parry god i really feel like there isnt much else i can do, i feel like , why do i even try ? and i am pretty sure a lots feel the same way

11-12-2017, 05:38 PM
The game is completely broken, 5k maximum players even when the game is 60% price droped and FREE weekend and you worry about parry lights .... Git gud i guess.

That's why this game has no balance, because people don't even know what this game needs to be a good one.

11-12-2017, 08:16 PM
giving more reward for light parry will only enforce people at being better at parrying lights , player will adapt to this.A good player will not give you an easy heavys to parry. Getting your heavy parried is a result from a mistake or a bad reading so it is fair to be greatly punish for mistake.Who ever try to open up with a heavy ?? no one. So being parry on your light as an opener and being punished hard for attacking is what people complain about.

11-13-2017, 12:42 AM
The defensive meta fix is already in.
On console, everyone is playing assassins and going with light spam. Problem solved.