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11-12-2017, 10:17 AM
Story Mode Replay
What if all the Assassins Creeds had an update to allow the ability in all the games to replay the story mode from scratch, but with all the content, armour, skills, XP and all other equipment that you unlocked while completing it the first time.

I don’t mean like just going back in and selecting “sequences” or “memory syncs”. I mean the ability to just replay and run the full story again with everything acquired first time round so that you can focus purely on the story!

All the games have a lot going on in them, (especially origins) that when playing you can be side tracked from the story and can forget whats going on. All because i need to hunt a rabbit or find flags. In a game as big as origins and having to do so many side missions just to level up, once completed, it doesn’t even allow you to replay the missions or give you a memory sequence to select......

Remember the first metal gear solid on ps1 in 1999? Once completed first time around, you aquired a stealth pack & unlimited ammo bandanna that was carried into the next time you replayed the story mode so you could just concentrate on the story. Yes we love a side mission or 2 but their are a lot of us who at times want to just concentrate on the story mode.

Surley if we could do that back then, and with modern day technology we could do that now!

If an update could be made, I honestly think this would make a lot of AC fans happy.

I messaged Ubisoft directly and they say that anything submitted in the forum will be reviewed!

SO PLEASE, Post your thoughts guys and hopefully MAYBE, just maybe we might see something in the future.

Thank you

11-13-2017, 02:20 PM
That would be awesome!

11-22-2017, 05:20 PM
A new game + style mode would be great! Maybe even an additional difficulty setting similar to what Horizon Zero Dawn did. I would love to replay the story mode in sequence as I got sidetracked for hours in between main quests.