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11-12-2017, 08:24 AM
I don't know if it is a rumor or a confirmed news but there were news about assassin's creed origins being one of the 3 games of a new series, I don't want to talk about the location since if the news are true they are probably working on the new games right now and we all know that the team behind Origins started working on this game right after black flags so I rather let them know about what I think origins needed and try my luck maybe if enough people agree with me they will think about including some of the stuff.

1. Buying or having (a) hideout(s)
You know like some of the previous assassin's creed, and give us an option to upgrade it and make it bigger and some options for customization maybe. After all I think the main protagonist would be happy to have a house too, a safe place where you can just hang your swords, and legendary items that you collect from temples, and just chill for a second would be awesome.

2. Taking over camps permanently and upgrading the defense
I get why this wasn't a good idea for Origins, we are not an assassin and no creed was formed yet but I'm pretty sure this would make a cool feature for the next game, taking over a camp or a district, and assigning some people to take control of them and have the government soldier attack them now and then so it would make the player go back, defend and possibly have a feature to upgrade.

3. Recruiting assassins / Recruit system
This kinda goes back to the first idea, I mean we need to have people to protect those camps and stuff, and it would just be a really nice feature since we are starting to see the formation of assassin's brotherhood with Bayek. Some of my favorite side missions were the ones where you would free prisoner and they would fight with you if you were spotted or any mission where you would have a companion that would help you with your mission (no offense to Senu)

4. Nerf legendary weapons
I just feel like this one was game breaking and at the end I just needed to equip the Hepzefa's Sword and swing it once for everyone around me to die. Now I know many people's response would be "why not drop it and not use it?" and they are totally correct, but I still think if there are legendary weapons in the game, the players should really really go through some $3it to get them.

5.Sailing a ship
Just copy and paste the files from Black Flags.

6. More modern day action
I couldn't really establish a connection between the game and the new modern day protagonist but with William making an appearance I think it would be better to give them both more screen and gameplay time and more action, and to try my luck please do something about Desmond bring him back in a dream or something (just had to try you know)

7. Character Customization
I don't know how I could live without R2/L2+ Triangle in origins, no offence to my boy Bayek but he looks ugly AF without the beard, just more hair/ beard style and some other customization for the armor and stuff would be great.

Hopefully someone will see this thread and consider at least 1 of these ideas, I will update the post if someone has better ideas or if I come with new ideas in the future.

11-12-2017, 08:46 AM
I'd really think it would be great to explore the middle/dark ages. I'm not sure if the time period exactly but maybe around or between 900-1200 A.D, set in Brittanium or Great Britiain After the fall of the old Roman Empire, Vikings, English tribesmen. Castles, Mountains, myths Of Dragons. Rivers. Huge Forests & I'm talking huge Forests. Mountains, waterfalls. Snow, blizzards. Basically Ubisofts version of Skyrim but historically accurate & a massive sprawling Landscapes.
Massive mountainous Castles & cave systems.
Monks, Legends of Richard de Lionheart, Knights of the Round table, Robin Hood.. etc. you get the idea lol.

11-13-2017, 10:44 AM
Hi all. I personally want to see another story of Bayek in Rome or Arabic peninsula,

However If UB wants to start new series after Bayek and Aya.

The AC origin has shown what UBI can do to present exotic cultures and historical events. In that sense it would be good if they can make series based on East Asian history. A lot of you are asking Feudal Japan or China. However as far as I know, devs said ‘Samurai, Ninjas and Chinese martial arts are over used’.

My question is ‘Does any of you actually know anything about Samurai or ninjas in depth except Naruto and Bleech? Do you know that the most Chinese culture advertised from western media is actually based on Manchurian Kingdom and not traditional Chinese? Do you know that there was a full scale war in the far corner of the east which involved all 3 Korea, Japan and China during 16th century?

I did East Asian history as major and Imjin war was quite important topic to understand as it affected all 3 countries.
Please allow me to tell you guys about Imjin War the largest full scale war that took place in East Asia during 16th century. Almost entire Korean peninsula was occupied by Japan’s massive army whose plan was to conquer Ming Kingdom of China. However Koreans of Joseon Kingdom, led by few great generals still fought back. Later with helps from Chinese reinforcement Japanese army were eventually driven back to Japan. Back in Japan Hideyoshi dies and next shogun, Tokugawa who never had an intention to invade Korea calls for the end of the war. Thus Korean Chinese allies claim the victory. The aftermath of this war made influential impacts on history of all three nations. The war and occupation period lasted 7 years from 1592 to 1598, with a brief pause in between.

In China, Ming dynasty eventually fell to Manchurians and led to the rise of new Qing dynasty. In Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi dies and Tokugawa Ieyasu rises to new Shogun as well as going through a golden age of culture thanks to all the resources they pillaged from Korea. Having the entire nation ravaged by war the Joseon Kingdom of Korea took long time to recover.


In my opinion this era is the perfect starting point for AC in East franchise.

Story wise there were a lot of political issues, power games and drama, going on behind the scene. For example Korean government imprisoned the best admiral they had and released him, just before a pivotal naval battle starts. Korean King abandons the capital and flees to Chinese border while leaving his young son to go into enemy territories to start resistance. Chinese army who came to help Korea also started pillaging in late war period. Some Japanese Generals changing their side by joining Koreans because of the mass genocide committed by Japanese soldiers.

In addition, due to corrupted aristocracy in Korea, many Korean citizens suffered from hunger and faced discrimination from nobles. 200 yrs of peace and not having a proper army before this war made entire country vulnerable. This led to fierce resistances started by farmers and monks against Japanese force.
The war itself features many epic battles which took part on both land and sea. Japan’s fierce assault to major Korean cities and capital. Battle like 12 Korean ships VS 133 Japanese ships which Korean won. The naval battle which features the world’ first armoured ship. Siege of hill fortress, where soldiers and civilians fought by throwing stones to the enemies. Well known historical figures like Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Admiral Yi Sun-shin. Chinese sent famous generals Japan also sent numerous generals whom you may have heard their names from game Nioh.

UB has ample opportunities to make entertaining main and side quest with rich storyline. In addition there is a tone of targets to assassinate from Corrupted Korean nobles to Japanese generals. With the know-hows from For Honour, ACO’s new combat system and BlackFlags naval battle, UB will be able to recreate all those battles mentioned above.

Also not many people knows about those pivotal events in East Asian history, so less spoilers~

Culture and combat - not many people know about the life in old Korean kingdom, traditional Chinese Army or Japanese combat doctrine. There are also many interesting weapons used by Korean army such as Pole-rilfe, multi-arrow launcher, explosive arrows and etc…. This era is the perfect chance to spike interest in East Asian culture which is not modified by western media.


Place/tourism mode – Although Korea lack massive super structure like pyramid or Great Wall, there are several beautiful wonders such as huge Budda shrine inside a Cave and large tombs of old kings which look like hills. There are beautiful temples, palace, mountains and picturesque coast lines on the southern part.

Continuation of Historical event – As I stated earlier after the Imjin war, major historical events took place in both China and Japan. In China old Ming kingdom falls and new Qing Kingdom rises – This is very pivotal moment because Qing dynasty was founded by Manchurian not traditional Chinese. Qing is also the last Chinese dynasty in the history so every western media adaptation of China comes from Qing. In Japan Tokugawa establishes his firm position as the Shogun and this later leads to major events such as Sakigahara.

So UB can start smooth transition of their squeals to either China or Japan during the pivotal moment in history.

Whoo~ apologies for the long and it is really appreciated if you have managed to read until the end.

I came across the topic about AC in Far East in discussion thread so I thought this Imjin war and Joseon kingdom could be a good start point for the Asian franchise. The original thread about this Imjin topic has some good image source so have a look if any of you are interested. Feel free to ask any question regarding this historical event or any East Asian history as well. I will answer as best as possible.

This is the thread of the original post - https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1362707-Future-Assassin-s-Creed-Games-Location-amp-Setting-Discussion/page26


11-13-2017, 11:46 PM
I think a WW1 setting would be a great change of pace. Lots of interesting places to explore in that era of history.

11-14-2017, 03:30 AM
AC origins was set further in the past than any AC game yet..every other game came at least 1000 years after origins. I want another game set in the BC timeline.. and I think the perfect time period in history is the Third Servile War / Spartacus slave revolt.. (For those unfamiliar with Spartacus he was a slave/gladiator to the Roman Empire.. eventually he escaped with 60-70 other slaves from his masters house. They pillaged the country, freeing slaves and gathering men until their numbers swelled to over 100,000 escaped slaves... spartacus proved to be a capable commander.. he repeatedly embarrassed the hell out of the roman armies who marched against him.. winning battle after battle... eventually the revolt was crushed but not before he inflicted serious wounds to Rome.) I think this is a perfect time period... Maybe you play as one of the nameless slaves who escapes with Spartacus.. the assassins approach the slaves seeking an alliance because the Roman Empire is obviously controlled by the templars.. eventually they initiate you, Spartacus, and the other famous gladiators who followed him into the assassin order.. Crixus, Gannicus, etc.... they could also have you play as an assasin who approaches the slaves offering help.. and even tho the revolt is crushed in the end they could easily put a positive spin on it by having them die protecting a piece of eden or something along those lines... could be such a cool game. Especially if you play as a slave/gladiator for the opening few sequences... fighting as a gladiator in the arena would be epic...

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I'll never be happy until we see Adam and Eve, Isu period. I love the first civ stuff. Was bummed the aco lacked in that stuff. I wanna see all the stuff they did. I know it'll never happen but one can dream.

12-06-2017, 06:44 PM
too close to modern era, high level technology makes assassins useless.

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05-10-2018, 08:57 PM
It would be WONDERFUL if the next assassins creed took place in CHINA. So far Ubisoft has done an excellent job in taking in consideration of ideas I wanted to see. I wanted AC 3 to be a native with environmental stealth attacks. I also wanted Egypt to be a place in which told how the brotherhood formed and maaaaan must I say you guys gave what I wanted for the second time. Every thing I and all the AC series lovers wanted we got. HATS OFF to Ubisoft as well for showing a diverse variety of human culture. Back to the idea itself I would LOVE to see the next AC location be withheld within a time like CHINA. This time an assassin who is a NINJA. An assassin with throwing stars , twin swords,daggers, nunchuks and chains would be great as well. A storyline of templars raiding a village in request to find the apple would be great. Then somehow somehow a child escapes and is adopted by a ninja assassin clan to turn him into a stone cold assassin would be brilliant. Like he/she is trained within all forms of combat, meditation, martial arts, stealth etc. AWWW man that would be sweet. The only problem with the storyline I requested here is that it resembles connor village which would be a problem that could be changed. If not this idea then how about a storyline of one of the assassins statues that surrounded the armor of altair. But a NINJA assassin would be a great gameplay and an expansion of more human culture. I hope ubisoft takes this into consideration. Once again Ubisoft has gave us fans a great feel of gameplay.

05-12-2018, 06:39 AM
All I hope for in the sequel to AC Origins is that...
1) It keeps up with the plots of AC Origins
2) It addresses the part from AC 2 where it says Amunet was the assassin that killed Cleopatra
3) UB creates a believable situation that merges the Order of the Ancients with the Templars...and above all
3) I am more than anything hoping that UB comes up with a good way to link Origins to AC 1 considering that is the next game in chronological order (of "real world" dates)

I am not entirely sure how UB would go about accomplishing the third item. My thought is that because the Templar Order was created with the Crusades, maybe the Order of the Ancient could establish a presence in Jerusalem that would then expose them to the Templars. This would, in turn, connect AC Origins to AC 1 in my opinion. Did not know where the appropriate forum to express m concerns existed but I just hope that UB sees this and addresses some of these concerns.

05-19-2018, 12:48 PM
One of the things that I truly enjoy about playing Origins are the avenge missions. So I would like to see these carried into the upcoming versions of the game. Additionally I would like the avenge missions to notify the avenged player. Also possibly the idea of having to retrieve your body after you die. You would have to go back and pick up the majority of your stuff from the corpse. You could choose to leave it, but then you would have to go back to a store to get the items you left on it.

05-19-2018, 07:38 PM
I want them to pick a situation where history is the spoiler.

If you knew about the Pazzi Conspiracy, it was even more fun playing AC2 because you knew the important points of what was going to happen. It was even more intriguing to know that and think, okay, but how's that going to play out here? Similarly, watching The Terror was all the better if you knew about the real incident. It kept you on the edge of your seat precisely because you knew where the story had to end. And for anyone that didn't know these histories, they got a fun plot with the additional pleasure of learning a fictionalised version of some real history at the same time. The series was birthed with AC1, which had clearly zeroed in on the potential of the struggle of the Crusades to tell an interesting story. AC Brotherhood used historians' lurid fascination with Cesare, Lucrezia and Rodrigo Borgia to grab player's attention, with a story about a leader who had absolute power and yet teetered on the brink of oblivion.

AC hasn't done this in a long, long time. Unity should have been that game, but the Creative Director didn't have a lot of respect for the political history, and it showed. Syndicate was just bizarre in the way that it ignored perfect AC-style scenarios and locations (The original Templar landmarks, still standing? The chaos surrounding the East India Company, and its power-crazed returning directors? Spectacles such as Wyld's Great Globe? Adam Worth, the real criminal mastermind upon whom Sherlock Holmes's nemesis Moriarty was based?) and told a completely different story instead. Origins did a little better, making what use it could of Roman records, but history of that era is more hazy.

Going back, Rogue used the earthquake in Lisbon for about three minutes. I wonder how many players could tell you it was set in the Seven Years' War? Real politics was kept very distant, as it had been in Black Flag. ACIII's real history didn't have a useful intrigue in its heart that could be spun into a full game. To be fair to ACRev, it at least tried to present some factional competition for power.

So where would I like AC to go? Well, an Elizabethan game could focus on John Dee's fascinating spy network, which was as much occult as it was James Bond, and his eventual move to Prague. (And why the spy network? The constant threat of assassins, of course :) )There's a perfect AC story sitting right in the centre of Samuel Pepys's diaries, right there in his household, and if you read that history from an AC viewpoint you can't fail to see the AC game begging to be made about it. An Ancient Roman game should look at 63BC's Cataline Conspiracy. The pirate queen Ching Shih. The rise of Abd al-Rahman I, or the tightrope of power between the princes of Al-Andalus and the dynastic powers of the Almoravids. They should look for the stories that fascinate historians, respect the sources, and bring them to life in a new way if they want to recapture the fondness people had for the early series.

05-20-2018, 10:33 PM
Assassin's Creed: Witch Hunts

I would like to see an Assassin's Creed game take place in Salem Massachusetts during the time of the infamous Witch Hunts. Our character would be tasked with rescuing the women who have been accused of being witches along with assassinating those responsible for carrying out the witch hunts.

05-21-2018, 07:34 PM
No captian it doesn´t. Assassins are still used even to this day and many of them do use close range weapons. Also Saturn was murdered by Humans with an dagger, so your point is refuted.