View Full Version : Weapon Upgrade Removed. Hidden One's store gear stuck at lv 39

11-12-2017, 04:01 AM
So Today I upgraded 6 weapons to lv 40 over 30,000 Drac used. Game auto Saved.
However after returning to the game later tonight starting where I Just completed my most recent mission early today before I got off. I now Noticed 2 out of the 6 weapons reverted back to the previous lv, The Compendium Shield and the Conductor of souls.

Also when visiting the Hidden One's Store for legendary weapons all weapons were lv 39, Which was odd seeing how When I beat the game I was Lv 40, and the gear when I first visited the shop it was all lv 40 gear. now everything is at lv 39 and I didn't want to miss out on getting the Ceremonial Staff so I had to buy it at lv 39 even tho I was lv 40 plus at this point. and upgrade it as well. which is a big problem. That Cost me 12,000 Alone.

All This was recorded I can upload a video if needed.

Hopefully this get's looked into. I lost a lot of money today. Down to just a little 3 Grand. Ugh.

Loving the game tho. Just theses issues impact the game pretty bad.

Thanks for reading.