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11-11-2017, 08:05 AM
Hey everyone, I think we owe it to this game and our vibrant community to actually have a discussion about the Skirmish game mode. It doesn't seem to be played much at all and we can certainly go into reasons why but this time I'd like to have a discussion about some changes that could potentially be made to make it a more engaging and enjoyable experience for everyone. Especially now that in season 4 elimination and skirmish are going to be merged into one Deathmatch playlist again.

One possible change to experiment with, and imo the most significant, is changing the map size. Or rather, block off certain sections and have it more closely resemble a large pit arena to keep everyone engaged and in combat for longer periods of time per match. Of course boosts and spawn locations and times would certainly have to be adjusted, anyone have suggestions? Wave spawning? maybe quicker spawns? What are your thoughts?

Also, what about the minions? If the maps remain the way they are, what would gameplay be like it if it were more heavily populated by smaller minions as an "environmental hazard" so instead of Skirmish being spotted with small isolated fights it could actually be like a skirmish by definition.

As it stands now, For Honor doesn't have an experience quite like that. Skirmish usually results in two tightly grouped teams clashing for maybe 30 seconds to a minute a couple times throughout the game mode.

So I pass the question off to whoever; what would make skirmish a more exciting or appealing game mode for you? (other than removing gear score)

11-11-2017, 08:50 AM
To be honest, I still don't understand why people don't play skirmish.

It's basically a regular Team Deathmatch - without worries about capturing points or killing minions. Just try to stay with your team and slaughter the enemy.

Why I can't understand low popularity of Skirmish, is because of what people are still doing in Dominion - a lot of guys plays it really dumb, don't really thinking about controlling the battlefield, they focus only on fighting the enemy.

Ubisoft - maybe some tutorial introduction to Skirmish to make people realize how fun can this gamemode be? Or to allow them to decide whether its Dominion or Skirmish that would better suit them? Especially with the ranked Dominion this season.... trust me, without a premade this is gonna be an absolute catastrophy....