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Caution before purchase

This post was created in the Russian language. And translated into English using google translator. Do not judge strictly for mistakes made.

Friends, this post is intended for those who have not bought the game, but are thinking about it.
This game is not suitable for regular players or has not yet been adapted. Below I'll try to explain why.

This post is a subjective opinion and is intended to prevent people from unnecessary financial waste. And maybe your keyboard will not fly into the window :)

But first about the good.
Watching the videos about the game you saw a great picture. A lot of opportunities, different characters, great choreography of martial arts and much more.
And all this is true. The combat system is perfectly executed. A lot of tricks, combinations, emotions and spectacular finishing off strikes. A huge amount of armor and weapons to create your own unique character.
Variety of characters, the number of which increases with time. Good graphics. And many other things ...

And now about the main thing.
1 - To begin with it is worth to cancel not high on-line, of course I do not have data on the number of players. But I can draw indirect conclusions from some circumstances.
*The first is the number of players you will meet for example the day, the same player I personally met four times in one day. The same players I come across very often.
*The game has different modes of play, but only play two of them. Duel 1x1 or 2x2 and Capture control points. The rest of the modes could not be reached due to the lack of players.
2 - Then there is no selection of players in the game. This means that you will play with experienced players and not only experienced, but also well-dressed (for 4x4 mode). This is roughly how you decided to learn how to play chess, came to classes and sat down to play with the first-class player.
*What do you think will happen? That's right, checkmate in three moves. Here the situation is about the same, you'll just be a whipping doll. And at best you will be able to repel two or three hits. They will not let you learn to play in vain. It's unlikely that you will be able to endure this for long, and the chance to throw the game high. And do not increase online
3 - But even if you are determined to concentrate, decided to learn how to beat off blows and apply your own. To the rescue of experienced players comes the capture of the same guard break. This is such a technique that requires a response key press by default, the middle mouse button.
*That is, it looks like this in order to repel an enemy attack, we need to set the block in the direction of its attack. Moving the mouse to the left - we repel the attack from the left and so on and so on. This mechanic is very pleasant, but of course you will not be given a pleasant pastime
*when you concentrate and start to beat off attacks, you will be captured, and to block the capture you need to click on it. And do not just press and have time to react in the right half a second, what to do is not so easy. Because the speed of this reception is too high.
*It is then impossible to break away from it, although it would be convenient to press a rebound for example and break out of it, but no. The game forces you to hold your finger on the capture buttons, which I have to say is very frustrating. But even then you do not always have time to press it. Because it is fast enough.
*In any case, for an unskilled player. Next, you will come across the fact that you are waiting for capture all the time and in vain do not beat off the usual attacks. What make you even easier prey. Remember the mat in three moves :)
*I often happened that I see the capture but I do not have time to move my finger from the left mouse button to the middle one. And there will not be rare cases when you are sure that you managed to press the button, but to no avail. And this is the main reason why it is not suitable for ordinary players.
*As ordinary people you will be constantly caught by this method. And most likely you will throw the game before you learn how to effectively use it. Remember the low on-line
4 - The game requires skill. The skill of course is formed during the game, but only being a whipping doll it will be extremely difficult. The idea is that you will often meet with other players one on one. And in this situation you have nothing to offer him.
*In other games, for example, if you do not cope, you can change the tactics. For example, play from an ambush or use the effect of surprise bypassing the enemy. But here all this is meaningless. Coming with an opponent, you will not have a chance.
5 - Balance. I think new characters from the available at the time of the game with overvalued characteristics. In the light of which the old characters lose their attractiveness. The forums have a lot of negativity in this regard ...

If you like to pay accelerated pumping for the upcoming weekend and how to play, then do not rush to choose this particular game. For the reasons given above, you simply will not be allowed to play it.
For players who are able to bend all and all but also very purposeful, of course this does not apply. But ordinary players who are used to spending several hours after work in a pleasant game. For Honor is unlikely to have to taste.
And in fact deciding the second and most importantly the third point, you can fix a lot. But I do not think that developers will be interested.

P.S. A colossal, simply titanic work of a large number of people is seen. The game has everything that would become a masterpiece. But as it often happens in a large team, someone will spoil everything.
*****Did not pass For Honor this fate. For example, the previously mentioned guard break is implemented so that after 2 hours of the game you want to delete it. Or take a few weeks to master this technique.
*****Or play a different game, which is now a huge amount.

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Dude, you posted this very same thread a couple weeks ago and kept bumping it because no one would reply. I think it's safe to say we've read your opinion/advice by now.

Putting your review up on Steam would be a better bet if you really intend to help out prospective buyers. Artificially bumping it here for clicks and views, not so much.

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Ah wait, nevermind. I just noticed you made an alt account to spam this message like a bot. How sad for you.

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I think you are right about the relevance of this post. And I have one account, At Ubisoft

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