View Full Version : Xbox one X - Issues ingame

11-10-2017, 05:14 PM
Hello there,

I don't know if it's related to the latest patch 1.04 but i played few hours game and i can notice severals things :

- Lot of fps drop, i mean slowdown in play sometimes, can be in fight or not, with moving camera or not necessary. I heard lot of people had such performance issues on one X with 4K HDR play.
- Popping, loading textures when we are near ( always in 4K ) game is amazing and beautiful but there are some issues with textures.
- when i was on Desert for first time ( to go to alexandrie ) i noticed some dead bird vulture on sky with textured strange, floating on sky. ( I can do one video if i see again the bug )
- Sometimes, Enemies who once eliminated by discretion remains standing and does not fall, they float, example with the temples and fighting on the stairs
- Once, a little after the start of the game, near the temple of Amon, I jump on a stone statue and I fall in, result impossible to go out, block in the scenery. I restarted the game

I have not noticed actually freeze like other can eventually have, but the performance issues is a thing.
I can enjoy game actually even with that but i suppose one patch will come soon.

Thanks and continue your hard work