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11-10-2017, 09:36 AM
In terms of crew members in BGE2, I am sure the team has some amazing plans already in place but I have some suggestions that I hope will make the game even better. (If the development team hasn't already thought of these things).

1. Crew Member Piloting Ability (Mainly for Large vessels)
I do think a common trend in exploration games is that players may get tired or disconnected from the game when traveling through an area where they are familiar with (like on the way back from a mission).

I think that as a great way to address this in BGE2 is to implement an autopilot feature for certain ships. During this autopilot, players will be able to move around their ship, interact with their crew and customize their environment. You can spend your time equipping weapons and/or items needed for your mission, interact with other crew mates, customizing smaller ships, and altering the layout of furniture in your ship. The autopilot could also be shown as one of your shipmates piloting the ship in your stead. Of course, when the ship encounters some sort of danger or come across something new (a discovery) you will be alerted and the camera will snap to a 3D view of your ship or you will have to report as soon as you can to the bridge.

(I would rather the camera snap and your character returns to the bridge automatically. For logic purposes you can be seen as shouting orders through your com device as a way to "control" your shipmate pilot or the ships computer.)

2. Disgruntled Crew Members should have the capacity to retaliate.
I read somewhere that players will have the ability to build their crew through various interactions like card games and so on. I also read that your crew members are swayed by the actions and decisions that you make in the world and that a disgruntled crew member might choose to leave because cause of the actions you have taken. I think that this is a cool feature in the game, but I feel like it would be awesome if this went several steps further. When I and (I believe) other people play we won't be seeing our crew members as pets that just run away if they are mistreated, but we will be see our fellow "pirate" comrades. I think as "Pirates" they should do more than just leave. I think the disgruntled pirate allies should have the ability to:

-Ambush us with a rival pirate crew or the authorities

-Hijack one of our smaller vessels and force us to chase them down to get it back. (Maybe we have to catch them before they sell it).

-Steal money or a valuable item from us

-Try to kill us

-Try to start a mutiny (If you've managed to anger multiple members of your crew)

-basically all things an angry pirate would do

I have some more ideas, but I've written too much already. If anyone agrees or disagrees please feel free to chip in :-).

11-10-2017, 11:44 AM
The auto-pilot freedom and the disgruntled pirate shananingans are both great ideas.
I agree that being able to do miscellanious things during travel would make travel time fun. Early in AC3, Haytham Kenway had to be below deck and fight rowdy crew members, play cards, etc. while the ship was travelling. It would have been fun to do freely, but I do not think it was allowed in Assassin's Creed again after that fragment. In AC4, the player had no freedom to be away from the helm during ship's movement, though the only ships commandable were not very big. Freedom to go around the ship during travel in BGE2 would be a fun feature, but we have to see how the developers decide for travel will work.
The idea of a crew member hijacking a smaller vessel and having to be chased is brilliant, and brings to mind the bandit chases in BGE1. It would be thrilling, considering how costly it might be to have an entire vessel stolen. Imagine if you were on your way to a multiple dogfight mission, and found out your upgraded dogfighter ship was being stolen. You would probably chase it through an asteroid belt if necessary. Also, your ideas are brilliant, and you should post more.

11-10-2017, 06:41 PM
Thank you for taking the time to share your ideas, jakkt15! And please, feel welcome to keep them coming!

11-10-2017, 07:42 PM
I really like you ideas, keep posting them!
Heck! Even this could lead to an amazing quest where one, of several disgruntled pirates, plan to betray us in the most cowardly way, after an elaborate scheme to gain our trust and in the crucial moment, in the pinnacle stage selling us to Zhou Yuzhu or someone else or, as you wrote, kill in us the act to take everything we have gather and fighting for.

11-11-2017, 09:07 PM
I believe there should be a ranking system in terms of recruiting crew members that belongs to certain level. The higher your pirate status is, the more higher leveled characters will become available for you to recruit.

11-16-2017, 04:11 AM
This is fine what you are developing, but it is important to know if the spacecraft, in the extensions, have shared or individual staterooms, medical area, in order to influence the development of the crew. All resolve disputes and conflicts with the crew, fighting, firing ... or in a room with simulator, quadrilateral ... or even getting to resolve the dispute may end up being to death.

12-08-2017, 12:40 AM
I think that's what will make a difference from a generic crew to a more lively crew.
We get all sort of people-hybrids in this ship with different cultures, different lifes, and different belief.

I would be nice if we can trigger events on the crew with our choices, taking a contract to save some kind of hybrids and making part of our crew more loyal while the other feel more left aside. Or maybe getting crew member who are only interested in an specific kind of mission, like an assassination target or a free slaves mission.

I think that i would be awesome to get like a snake-human hybrid and making other hybrids like Mice-Human more disgusted by our choices and consider betraying us for recruting the first one.