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11-09-2017, 06:33 PM
Agents, incoming State of the Game transmission:

During the last State of the Game (https://tomclancy-thedivision.ubisoft.com/game/en-gb/news/detail.aspx?c=tcm:154-305289-16&ct=tcm:154-76770-32), Community Developer Petter Mårtensson was joined by two State of the Game regulars from Red Storm Entertainment. Creative Director, Terry Spier and Lead Game Designer, Keith Evans discussed the recently concluded PTS and all the exciting content coming in Update 1.8.

This week, Designer James Norris from Ubisoft Leamington is back to discuss more Underground in 1.8 with Petter and Terry.

If you missed the stream, you can check out the VoD (https://go.twitch.tv/videos/187046505).


We know everyone is anticipating Update 1.8, but we do not have a release date to announce today. To squash any unofficial announcements, the patch will come before the end of this year.

We are aware of a potential new glitch circulating around the community. We have already received reports and are currently investigating, but we encourage everyone to report more information on the matter if possible.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who tested the Underground on the 1.8 PTS! If you missed our previous interview with Ubisoft Leamington discussing all Underground changes coming with 1.8, you can read-up here.

Our goal for the next update was to add tension back into this DLC, and we believe the addition of Hunters is one of the many methods to accomplish this. As a random encounter, Hunters will unexpectedly appear and confront players full-force.

Both Exotics and Classified Gear have a chance to drop from Hunters, all named Underground NPCs, as well as within Secret Crates scattered throughout the mode.

We are implementing checkpoints in the Underground as a means to reward players for their progression. We have noticed that players invest long sessions into the Underground with little to no pay-off in the end, and so these checkpoints will push everyone further into the content.

As we have previously mentioned, we are excited about the Rave Room returning alongside lesser-seen Underground rooms. We hope that players spend plenty of time shooting and looting in these environments.


As a reminder, there is no release date for Update 1.8 at this time. The team is working hard to finalize the patch, and so more news will follow shortly. To wrap things up, we want to thank everyone for their eager anticipation and excitement for update. It is very easy to see the passion that drives The Division community forward, and so a huge shout-out goes out to all our Agents.

As always, be sure to join us over on the Official Forums (http://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/498) or on the community Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision/) if you’re looking for a place to discuss all things related to The Division.

Until next time!

The Division Dev Team

11-09-2017, 08:13 PM
Definitely an improvement this week. Addressing the new cheat right away is always the best way to go. It was fun to hear what the guys were looking forward to and why.

11-10-2017, 12:23 AM
i got banned today forever ! why the **** yo udid this to me you <removed> idiots from ubisoft ????? i did not cheated and i did not exploited the supid game .....i demand a <removed> explanation for why i got banned today i didn't even got an email explaining my ban

11-10-2017, 03:45 AM
LOL, Coming into their forums showing your *** won't get you anywhere.. And if they banned you, maybe, JUST MAYBE they do have an anti-cheat. LOL

11-10-2017, 10:54 AM
Hey, so you guys talked a lot about underground this week and you want players to spend a lot of time down there. Which is sweet, I plan to, the changes look good.

I'm just wondering though, I can't remember from the pts. Will there be a way of getting division tech down there?

The optimization station will be so important from 1.8 onwards. Not getting div tech may put people off underground.

11-12-2017, 02:53 PM
I'm just wondering though, I can't remember from the pts. Will there be a way of getting division tech down there?

In a half-answer to your question, there will be Division Tech boxes in West Side Piers.

11-12-2017, 06:26 PM
I've been a division player since the beginning. Through thick and thin, I've always come back to it. When I saw the announcement for year 2 content I knew it'd only get better from there, especially since it was all going to be free content. But at the same time I feel something is being ignored. Something we only got a glimpse of back in the year 2 trailer at E3 this year. Something that I have searched high and low for only to come up at dead ends, and I can't contemplate how no one but me is asking questions. That's right people. I'm talking about those 19 seconds of "The Dead Zone" they teased. The graveyard people. We all saw it, and no ones talking about it. I mean NO ONE. I can't be the only one who isn't just the least bit curious about this new and upcoming game mode. I know not everyone is particularly excited about the addition of a zombies mode, in fact I'm sure it may even deter some players. Certainly not myself. Quite the opposite in fact. It's what I've been looking forward to the most since first seeing it. So I hope to hear more about this. Maybe if enough people start to ask about it, then we can see that new content soon.

11-13-2017, 09:02 AM
Zombies? Really? Any chance of backing this up, as everything on the Web about zombies is just rumour and hearsay.

11-16-2017, 12:55 AM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQG7YMSOiR8 2:06 minutes in