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11-08-2017, 06:51 PM
I have played Since the beta, and like many that love the game I endured all of its issues. Speaking for myself the disconnection or not being able to connect are the worst. Granted the issues is not as bad as its use to be. But nothing piss me of more the getting in a game. Playing for 10-15 minutes in a match, trying to rank up my character, and right before the end of the match the f’n match crashes and all that time spend was for nothing. Even worse is when u completed a match and could get the rewards because there was an “error”. I know they have attempted to compensate us with champions status, but that s like ****ty pat on the back and saying “oops sry about”.

I ask that the For Honor team think about compensating all players that have played all four seasons to the end! I ask that the give every player the played all four seasons and that’s has been loyal to the game a reward. I ask for 25,000 steel, which really doesn’t buy you much (one good outfit and some change left over). I don’t think this is much to ask for our support. It has been don’t before by other companies. GTA gave away 1 million dollars in game currency to player as an I’m sorry for the connection issues they had when GTA online first came out.

Please think about it. It would go a long way toward improving your image.


11-08-2017, 07:24 PM
I'd be happy if they just let us cash in our Salvage...

I definitely have had fewer disconnects recently. Things have gotten better but, yeah, it's still a pain to invest time into a game and get absolutely nothing for it. The recent Otherworld event had me playing a lot of of PvAI with matchmaking On. It's typically a smoother experience than PvP. It still has issues though. Last night I had been playing in a few Dominion matches with the same group of people. After one match something new happened to me. I think the session host left just at the right moment and I got stuck in the game. It was just me and the minions. No score, no radar, etc. Just me free to run around and do anything I wanted. When I had enough of that after 30 seconds I went to leave the game and it threatened me with a matchmaking penalty if I quit! So, I just restarted the game without quitting the match (PS4 btw) and went back into it. Sure enough when I went back to play Dominion the "Requirements not met" warning came up but then immediately disappeared. I would have been really pissed if I had gotten a penalty.

So, I support your request. Like I said at the beginning I'll take 10% of the value of my Salvage in Steel please. Ubi, you currently owe me ~54k in steel.