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11-08-2017, 03:33 AM
I'm still wanting to know the whole story behind the hidden blade that the assassin's use. At this point all that's known about it's origins is that it was given to bayek by Cleopatra when he became her medjay, but where did she get it from? Back in assassin's creed 2, when the player first gives Leonardo da Vinci his father's broken bracer that ends up being a hidden blade, da Vinci comments on how it is of advanced design (which, to me, hints that it is from the precursor race) as well as on how he had to modify the blade so that it no longer required the sacrifice of one's ring finger (and I don't recall which game in the series this is from, could even be from the movie, but it's done this way as a symbol that Assassins are "married" to the order and to no other. Which is why assassin's depicted in later era often had 2 hidden blades, they no longer had to give up both of their ring fingers to do so). However, it's shown that when bayek first goes to use the newly acquired hidden blade, being untrained in its use and pinned in a corner, he loses his finger rather than let himself die and the sacrifice of one's ring finger as a show of commitment to the order no more than that and that the blade was probably modified by the earlier assassin's to "require" finger sacrifice much in the same was da Vinci did to no longer require mutilation. So where exactly did the blade originate? Is there some expanded universe media that I'm totally missing or does anybody have an answer?