View Full Version : Warden vortex with roll nerf

11-07-2017, 12:18 AM
So, ive heard that the roll is getting a nerf or "change". When you roll it wont prevent guard breaks anymore which has me concerned about wardens vortex. I dont consider myself a top teir player, nor do i have a ton of time in this game. So naturally i have trouble with wardens vortex, rolling seems to be the only way to get out of it for me and most of the time my brain doesn't work fast enough to actually do it. So without the roll to help, how am i supposed to get out of said vortex? Besides taking my chances with dodging or waiting to counterguard break what way is there to leave the vortex?

11-07-2017, 12:25 AM
They clarified after the stream that GB remains unchanged,people can't block when rolling.