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11-06-2017, 06:24 PM
You can never start too early with speculating!;-) Several people in other threads have already started discussions about specific settings, I wanted to generalise it a bit more:

If you look at the "Ubisoft formula" in their recurring franchises, especially "Far Cry" (which influenced AC:O in many ways), they will want the feel and look of their repsective open worlds to be relatively different. That's why I honestly don't believe the next AC will be set in Greece - it would look far too similar to Alexandria or some of the other Greek cities in Origins.

I also don't think they will be going back to the musket/ redcoat era, so an American Civil war setting will probably also not happen (to similar to AC3). I was hoping for India under the Raj, but I now think this will probably also not happen, or at least not under the British.

I guess to evaluate the setting, some things must be different:
- different culture
- different "colours" (all recent Ubisoft games are very disitinguashable by their color palette)
- monuments and cities that are recognizable to a sizeable portion of players
- a historic setting that is on the one hand instantly recognizable by players, because they have seen images or movies about it many times, but not necessarily a video game
- an intriguing time in history that lets you kill hordes of enemies without feeling weird

So my guesses:
- India during the Moghuls: has never been done before, there are great cities that Ubisoft can make look incredible, and several buildings and a culture that everybody knows
- Maya or Aztecs during the Spanish Conquista - it was mentioned in another post, and it is intriguing, but dangerous, since the famous cities in Central America were not all settled at the same time in history, and people don't know much more than the pyramids in Tenochtitlan and some other things. With a sparsely settled world and small cities without landmarks, it could feel a bit like AC3. If you find a way to make it work, it could be incredible!
- Viking era - yeah yeah, hear me out here: Would be a bit more Black Flag-like, but you could have the Baltic sea with some recognizable cities, the UK and even Iceland and America. You could have ice, the Northern lights, and all things Nordic - but, of course, they are making a Pirate game already, and also God of War is set there - maybe not direct competition, but I have the feeling Ubisoft preferres completely unspoilt settings.
- Central Europe during the 30 Years War: I don't really believe in it, but it would be great: It was a war that everyone in Continental Europe learns about, many dramatic events, and you could show many late medieval German cities with lots to climb up and many famous people. But I guess European medieval things are too "boring" for AC.
- China: This is a stretch, a bit like Japan - not everyone knows so much about monuments and famous people there, but there are different time periods that would make it interesting, and stuff like the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, and whatever other things would be very cool to see in AC. Setting a game in Asia with mostly Asian characters is an even greater gamble than Middle Eastern characters for a company, so I don't know if Ubisoft would be up to it.
- Persia, Babylon, Sumer would all be great, but probably too similar to Ac:O - deserts with some green areas, and even less monuments everyone recognizes. Also, people don't know too much about it, so this is probably more a dream for history buffs.

And one last idea, that AC touched upon in AC2 (with MD revisiting places) and the rifts in the last two games: One location, different time periods. Maybe two characters split by time? One is changing a thing, and then the other can go there? It would have to be a place that changes a lot, like Berlin during WW2, the Berlin Wall and later, or something (not that this setting would be suited to AC). I guess it's too much of an effort to make it work, but AC would have the potential in its core game design.

What do you think? All suggestions welcome!

11-07-2017, 10:33 AM
I'm hoping it will be set in the dark ages/middle ages in brittanium (Great Britain), maybe around 600-700 A.D. The fall of the old Roman Empire. Kings, Knights, Castles, Huge Forests, Jousting. Massive sprawling landscapes and lakes. Flowing river systems and mountainous cave systems, underground Tombs. Viking/Celtic tribesmen etc. That would be awesome.

11-08-2017, 07:03 AM
Maybe Japan...samarai vs ninjas? Last Samarai type

11-08-2017, 12:24 PM
Still waiting for the Japan version of AC... will probably never happen. I think Sony has the copyrights to all of Japan by now.

11-08-2017, 07:19 PM
I would like to see one done in Moscow early 16th century around Ivan the Terrible reign. Lots of interesting buildings and I think it could potentially make a good game.

11-09-2017, 05:25 AM
Yes, the assassin in you wants to save those innocent peasants from the Order's iron fist :D

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