View Full Version : No more revenge gear.

11-06-2017, 01:32 AM
Seriously. It is a huge crutch that is abused constantly. Combine a level 4 feat with revenge and you can kill 4 people with a couple zones with some characters(fast zones with uninterruptible... wow).

Worse yet is unpredictability of the revenge mechanic. You never know when it will launch or how fast an opponent will obtain it. Sometimes you can’t launch it right away, and sometimes my opponent can get revenge and launch it between the time I initiated a heavy attack and it lands.

Then what happens? They hit me with their super revenge damage and take 1/2,1/3 or any other crazy amount of life which more often than not kills me because we’ve already had a scuffle where I took a hit or two.

There needs to be standardized revenge across the classes. No gear improvements for gain or damage. The games become “wait for revenge and murder everyone.”

11-06-2017, 04:18 AM
I agree with this, revenge should be a standard rate of gain depending on the number of people attacking/locked onto you across all classes.
But also on the other hand revenge in its current state is almost required with the current state and playstyle in 4v4s.
Maybe they could increase the trade offs for revenge gear for the time being until further balancing is implemented.