View Full Version : X1 - Reda's inventory is always the same/no missions

11-05-2017, 02:05 PM
Since Reda appeared in Siwa and now Alexander, I've raised 2 levels & his 2 items for sale are still the same w/ no option to do any missions. Basically, Nomad's Bazaar is useless unless I want to buy these 2 overpriced items or sell my stuff?
Where he's sitting, there's no option to speak with him, there's only a small chest on the ground that gives me an option to interact. Don't know if that's normal or not.
I really can't afford much at Lvl 13 anyway, but I will probably want to buy things later or do some side missions :)

11-08-2017, 02:57 AM
Got to LvL 17 - went back to original Siwa region, found Reda out there & this time there was actually a blue marker to talk with him.
Same 2 items for sale, no mission available, but at least there was an option for dialog w/ him. Maybe I just needed to start the Nomad's thing off at this earlier location?
I'm hopeful.
:D This game is addicting