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11-04-2017, 11:14 PM
So, first off, the Aramusha:

Sounds really cool, but something bugs me.
At one point during the stream, Roman says "He got a timed-based full defense stance which will lead into dofferent moves depending on the out put of it". It's sounds really cool to me since I guess it means that depending on if we block a light or a heavy with it, the resulting punish will be different. So basically that's how a counter works on Battlerite, and I love it !
Here are my concerns: I hope that devs realize that this move will have to be really well looked into in order to be balanced !
For instance, that move clearly must have a startup of 400ms minimum, in order for it to be a rewarding guess game where we will have to predict our opponent, not just a completely op reaction game where we can just react to any attack with it. Also, the move clearly needs to cost a decent amount of stamina and must be punishable. For instance, since the move should be able to be used on reaction for heavys (since heavys are feintable), the Aramusha opponent should be able to get a free gb if the Aramusha falls for the stance into a feinted heavy.

Then for the Shaman:

The concept also seems super cool !
I'm worried about the finishing move when under blood lust effect. It seems really predictable and I'm afraid that, overall, the char is simply played like a pk because the rest of her kit isn't viable enough. Does anyone have some kind of info about her ? Like her speed and stuff ? I can't wait until next warrior's den.

Defensive Meta Concerns:
- No HP Regen. Cool, but isn't this going to make fast lighters stronger ?
- No GB defense on roll. Ok .... So ... Does that mean we are now going to completely defense less against 50/50 users ? Cuz its sounds like we will.
- Parry changes incoming. Honestly I'm afraid. I may be lonely but I really feel as tho parrys are okay the way they are. I mean, I can't imagine any nerf that won't make the game a stupid spam fest; and I feel as tho, as soon as your not into diamond +, there are always ways to trick your opponent. With feints and all ... Maybe buffing mind game potential of low tier char is a better answer to destroying parrys.

11-04-2017, 11:34 PM
They clarified the roll, apparently you won't be able to block while rolling (which confuses me, I thought you couldn't anyhow), gb defence remains.

11-05-2017, 01:06 AM
They clarified the roll, apparently you won't be able to block while rolling (which confuses me, I thought you couldn't anyhow), gb defence remains.

Yeah, here's Eric's clarification (https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/comments/7ad89g/november_2nd_warriors_den_livestream_recap/dpagb14/) on the roll change:

There was an error in the Patch Notes that we had on the stream about the ROLL, here's the correct info:
• Roll stamina cost increased to 50 (from 40).
• Roll no longer has defense.
Developer Comments: We’re increasing roll stamina cost by 25% in order to make it riskier for players to spam Roll and escape. Roll still works as a strong escape tool, but if you spam it you’ll run out of stamina faster. We’ve removed defense for all characters too. It was inconsistent across characters and generally not coherent with the nature of the move.
Note that Roll still retains Immunity to Guard Breaks. The change only means you no longer get to block while rolling.

@Trenk, thanks for the feedback on the new heroes! We'll be paying really close attention to the community's reaction once everyone's able to actually play the heroes, and we'll be sure to send your reactions to the team.

11-05-2017, 02:57 AM
I'd be okay with Orochi getting some feintable moves in with his standard moves. So he'll offer more of a mind game. So when I dodge. I might light, I might not attack. I might Heavy, I might feint heavy. So it not a free parry or GB to anyone who knows how predictable Orochi is.

Oh and make it so they can't block on roll. Thank you. You just made it so no one can dodge roll away from Orochi and survive now. My life just got easier from the guys who instantly pop out of roll and parry my attack.