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11-03-2017, 05:19 PM
Assassins Creed in Ancient Greece is no new idea, but after seeing the Trireme Naval Combat in Origins, its clear to me that Ubisoft is building a platform that could support a Black Flag Style AC: Naval Exploration Game set in Ancient Greece as a sequel to Origins.


1. Ancient Greece was very similar to the Caribbean.
You're hard pressed to find any other location on the globe that has such a similar island hoping geography to the Caribbean than Greece ( East Indies is being represented in Skull and Bones) Greece could offer what the Caribbean was lacking however, a long history of human empires, ruins, and wonders of the world similar to Egypt.
AC: Black Flag Map
Exploring the many Greek Isles and City States would require the player to control large sea-faring triremes in a free roaming system, similar to how the player pilots the Jackdaw in Black Flag.

2. Assassins Creed Origins contains a fleshed out Naval Trireme Combat System
Yes much of this was carried over from the Black Flag team to Origins, but given how they took the time and energy to invest in it and even come up with new fleshed out combat systems like brace/counter.... I bet that this was actually Ubisoft testing the waters (pardon the pun) for a free roaming Black Flag Exploration style open world game w/ Triremes.

3. AC. BLACK FLAG was a quasi-RPG, they can now go full RPG after ORIGINS.
Black Flag was a test of RPG elements in AC with the Naval Combat based on leveling and regions of the sea blocked off by leveling, however the land combat was not built in an RPG manner. Integrating the new Origins-style complete RPG with Loot and Leveling + the Black Flag Style Naval RPG systems (complete with looting enemy ships for more than just rum but new common/rare/legendary weapons/ship parts) would complete what they couldn't do in black flag.

4. Continue BAYEK/ AYA's story, or start a new one with a Greek Pirate Assassin.
Either one of these would be solid. Bayek and AYA are great characters and I would love to see them in another game either as playable or mentor figures. Greece was littered with Mercenaries and Pirates, we could see a Greek Pirate Assasin similiar to Edward come around to the Brotherhood via Bayek and Aya's influence, or we could play as them in their later years similar to the ezio trilogy.

5. AC Black Flag was extremely popular and successful and arguably saved the franchise, UBISOFT may be looking to return to that success
We all loved and praised the free roaming naval exploration of Black Flag, Ubisoft clearly saw that sucess and is looking to capitalize on that with games like Skull and Bones, though the absence of singleplayer in that game leads me to believe they want to use the singleplayer naval element in another AC Game. Given that AC is in the ancient world now and experimenting with TRIREMES... it only seems logical to me.

6. It would be AWESOME

In the mean time, I'm loving Origins.


11-03-2017, 06:07 PM
I think it's got a solid chance of being possible. I'd be down for it.

11-03-2017, 06:09 PM
Firstly Hi and welcome to the forum :)

Secondly, that is an excellent post.

Well as far as what I have read, Origins is being followed by a Greek game and a Roman game (I'm not sure in which order or even if that is true.... but I read it in this forum several times that Origins is one of three games in those locations). I love Black Flag, it is great to have the land and sea parts of the game.

To me, the Mediterranean and surrounding countries seem like the natural place for assassin's creed games (I think from Portugal to Iran and from Russia to mid Africa and Saudi) so naturally Greece and ships fit perfectly in.

Origins is easily the best game I have played. If the series continues like this it can only bring in more fans to the series.
If it has more naval parts great. :)

I have often said that having a character as the main protagonist in another game would make people bond with them more. But at the same time, Ezio and Desmond has damaged the series because people struggle to let go once they like a character. But another Bayek or preferably an AYA game would be great. I'd like to see a female protagonist with her own game or even the biggest part of a game with 2 protagonists.

To be honest I think AC3 was supposed to be the end of the series, that's why it had Desmond's sacrifice. It was an incredible game, but it gets negative reviews not for gameplay but just because it had no Ezio and Connor is not anything like Ezio.... add to that Desmond's ending and instantly anyone invested in those 2 dislike AC3... but the game was and is great.

So I'm not sure AC4 BF saved the series it was more a sort of reworking of the series, The MD was minimised and more focus went on the game. That did not make MD fans happy but I think they still appreciated the game itself. Very very few fans complain about ac4 so another land/naval based AC game would probably be a hit again.

But if not, I'll be equally very happy to explore Greece by land. :)

11-03-2017, 06:17 PM
Well as far as what I have read, Origins is being followed by a Greek game and a Roman game (I'm not sure in which order or even if that is true.... but I read it in this forum several times that Origins is one of three games in those locations)

As far as I know, that trilogy is still just rumored- but I would definitely love for it to be true! :D

Sigma 1313
11-03-2017, 11:31 PM
I believe an Egypt-Greece-Rome trilogy is just a rumor, but makes a lot of sense. Greece could easily be the setting with the backdrop of the Liberator's Civil War and would make sense for both Bayek and Aya to be there it has a ton of potential just wby itself, but more so with full naval exploration and combat that was teased in Origins (Does this make Origins comparable to AC3 and Greece to AC4?)

11-06-2017, 06:12 PM
Very good post!

It sounds very interesting, but I'm not so sure: There were several Greek cities in AC:O, so it could look and feel too similar to the last game. Then it is not at all public knowledge what was going on in Greece during that time, and there are not many famous characters that you could use. Since Ubisoft also is about to release a dedicated Pirate game with the Black Flag mechanics, it would be weird to release another AC with the exact same mechanics - I think "Skull and Boens" is the reason we have ship battle in AC:O, not the next AC game.

It would be cool to go to Greece in an earlier time, where it was not just a province of Rome, and maybe they will do that (although it's hard to go back in time, when a game set 47 B.C. is called "Origins")!