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11-03-2017, 02:48 AM
I've been replaying some of the earlier ACs, and there's something I don't quite understand. We know from the end of AC3 that the world was on the brink of being destroyed again by the Second Disaster. This was only stopped because Desmond sacrificed himself.

The problem is, the Templars must have known about this, because A) Lucy would have told them while she was working undercover, because although she died at the end of Brotherhood, she already knew at the end of AC2, after Minerva's warning, and she surely would have relayed this information back to the Templars. B) In the Abstergo Files (no. 18) it says:

"Many such events occurred since, but our Order is more concerned with the future. Indeed, if our projections are correct, we are on the verge of another Apocalypse one that will mark the dawn of a new age."

1) If the Templars knew about this, why didn't they try and stop it themselves. We know they didn't because they were nowhere near the Grand Temple.

2) And more importantly, Why did Lucy plan to steal the Apple of Eden? Didn't she know that that was the only thing that would stop the Disaster?

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11-03-2017, 09:03 AM
They were actually counting on it being destroyed. The whole idea was to reshape the world after the devastation had run its course; when the surviving populace would be at their most vulnerable to influence. Furthermore, the solar flare was quintessential to the Eye Abstergo plot arc. The flare was going to jump start the apple; without it the satellite was never going to work in the first place. Albeit, according to Desmond's vision that he also referenced in AC 3, the satellite was never going to work flare or no flare, but this detail, Abstergo did not know.

Personally, and I've been saying this for years now, I think the real issue with those first few games is why Abstergo had to rely so heavily on Ezio's apple to begin with. That's what the map from AC 1 was supposed to be for, It can be explained away rather easily, thus I stopped letting it bother me, but in an official capacity they never bothered to address it again after AC 2.

11-03-2017, 05:20 PM
Hi, Thanks for replying! Your theory is really interesting and sounds right. I was just wondering whether there was a moment in the games which implied that, or that you just thought of it. Either way, it sounds correct.

To your second point, I've always had this question too, and my theory is this: I think that after Abstergo lost their original Apple, they needed to desperately find another one. I reckon that the only thing Subject 16 did was notify Vidic that somewhere in his memories, there was an assassin called Ezio, who was linked to an Apple, a Vault and a Codex written by another assassin called Altair, who had also once seen a map of possible locations for other POE's and Vaults. Given that Clay was not a descendant of Altair, they could only go after Ezio's apple. But then Clay killed himself. They then chose to go after Altair's memories in the hope that it would lead to multiple Temples/POE's giving them more chance of finding one to use in the Eye-Abstergo. They only needed one Apple but given the difficulty of actually finding one, they would have far more chance if they had more locations to start with. Whereas Ezio was only connected to one Apple/Vault, Altair was connected to more, making him the priority. Once they got what they were looking for, they then turned their attention to Ezio in order to chase his Apple/Vault etc... (Project Siren) They had nothing to lose. Simply put, Altair was more valuable to them at first.

We also know that Abstergo were just as obsessed with Vaults/Temples as they were with POE's because they thought it would lead them to First Civ secrets, and the knew that Altair would lead them to more potential locations, which is another reason why he was the number one priority.

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11-03-2017, 06:45 PM
The following wall of text comes from the multiplayer files of Revelations.

For many, the word "Apocalypse" signifies the end of the world. This is not so. Apocalypses are events of great importance, turning points, which are followed by periods of renewal affecting all of mankind. These events and the cycles they initiate are hard to pinpoint and define with absolute certainty. However, based on archeological findings, various scientific researches and, most importantly, intensive analysis of raw data that we own, we were able to determine when some of these Apocalypses transpired.

One of these events is the Toba catastrophe, which occurred between 69,000 and 77,000 years ago. Following this cataclysm, Those Who Came Before became gradually extinct and what remained of humankind scattered across the planet. We estimate it took tens of thousands of years for Those Who Came Before to completely disappear off the face of the Earth, but the Toba catastrophe undoubtedly destroyed their society and ushered mankind into a new age.

Many such events occurred since, but our Order is more concerned with the future. Indeed, if our projections are correct, we are on the verge of another Apocalypse one that will mark the dawn of a new age.

So as you see, my theory is highly suggested. Nothing is ever spelled out in AC, so this is about as close as were going to come to them having beaten us over the head with it.