View Full Version : Can’t start the mission “Fall of an Empire,Rise of another”

11-02-2017, 10:45 PM
I played the game around 45 hours after I finished all side quests. And I want to start the final mission. But after the character back to the animus. The PS4 show the error code and close the game directly.

When I run again the game. I cannot start the mission automatically. And there are no anymission point for me. The new update 1.03 Have not find and fix the problem. I really don’t want to start over the game. And I already brought the season pass for DLC. How can I enjoy the game and DLC if I cannot finish it? Can you guys fix the problem?

11-03-2017, 07:18 AM
Already running a thread on this very problem and the devs supposedly took note of the issue: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1777325-Unable-to-start-the-finally-mission-minor-spoilers

If you can, add your two cents to it (level, circumstance, etc) to help them investigate the cause of the bug. In the meantime, yeah, it sure as hell sucks, and the only minor solace you can get is that "you're not alone", since we can't finish it for now, either :(