View Full Version : Will there be a chance of a Philippine setting in the Assassin's Creed franchise?

11-02-2017, 04:22 PM
I've been playing Assassin's creed for years and been studying its storyline and conflicts, watching streams and fan fictions and all about such Assassin-Templar conflicts which really gives me energy for everyday, basically I am an Assassin's Creed story/game addict, like I make my own views and opinions on the story and all and one of the top things that sticked to my mind is how Ubisoft is good/great on making "different views on freedom" conflict on each franchise, the ever good and freedom at all cost assassins and order and freedom for all templars. And because of this it comes to my mind the setting around Philippines, where Spaniards ruled the Philippines for 333 years (1521-1898), and at these times I've been thinking is assassins were born also in the Philippines where Spaniards can be the Templars ruled by a spanish grandmaster perhaps and Philippines wanting to break free from the Spaniards, many joined the assassin order and started to take down the spanish templars in the Philippines, now my question is, will there be a setting around Philippines for the next Assassin's Creed game? Or maybe the next next game perhaps? Philippine history is vast (I am a Filipino by the way) and I know you can make a masterpiece out of it, we have the ever famous Jose Rizal in the story line, Andres Bonifacio and the rumored traitor Emilio Aguinaldo and many more. A question and also a suggestion perhaps, that Philippines could be a good setting, is it?

And for the other fan of the franchise feel free to comment and all about this, if you agree or not, thank you of course Ubisoft for allowing us players of your games to create a thread like this.

More power to the Ubisoft team!

05-19-2018, 01:02 AM
If the next Assassinís Creed were to be set in the Philippines, I think it would fit in great to the storyline especially Philippines being conquered by the Christian Spanish Empire hence the relation to the Templars. Before Spanish rule Philippines also had influence from Moors, Malays, Indians,and The Chinese, which would fit in well with the Assassin bloodline. All in all I think it would be a great fit.