View Full Version : Photo Mode Limitations

11-01-2017, 05:42 PM
I have 3 photos taken near the same place. As I am aware; you can only view them on the map or on the website. In the game; since they're around the same spot; they do not stack on the map; and therefore, I am only able to view or delete the first picture. On the website, I can see them; but cannot delete or edit them. I see that on PC and PS4 that you can just see them in a folder. And because I'm on Xbox, I cannot go externally anywhere to see them, or edit/delete them in any way.

I have been screenshotting the pictures when I take them so that they are saved to the Xbox DVR thing, but forgot to do that with this last one.

Am I out of luck because of Microsoft's lack of locally saved anything, or is there any way that I can delete or view multiple photos from the same location, in the game? Or could you make it that when a photo is taken that it would send a screenshot to the Xbox DVR thing also? I know that could be possible since worms made game capture videos all the time for no reason.