View Full Version : Nomad's Bazaar and Avenge Activity not show up in the game.

11-01-2017, 07:46 AM
I play up to Alexandria, just met Aya in Main quest.

But I never find Nomad's Bazaar. I am looking for blue icon over the map but the only thing that is blue icon show up i can find is photo of the day.

I am sure I am online , I am pretty sure because normal photo spot and photo of the day pop on me just fine.

I have wait several days (from Day 1 to be exacted) just to make sure it may relocate to somewhere near me but it seems didn't.

Maybe i must pass some main quest at certain point ? because I just enter Alexandria and shaved my character in Alexandria but didn't do anything beyond that. I have to visit every "?" or happened to pass him to trigger the event for the first time ?

I also never see avenge quest too maybe it has some issue on my game. : (

There is also someone on this thread has the same problem as me.


Please look into it, in the mean time i will try start a new game/reinstall the game to see if it is fixed. : (