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11-01-2017, 12:54 AM
I've been playing For Honor a lot lately and as someone who has played the beta, and on and off since release, there are some things I've noticed with characters that have changed and have become quite overpowering. These are the characters that I find to be really OP.

Lawbring - His push is ridiculously fast and way too chainable. I often have trouble grab countering any grabs following the push.

Centurion - Its nice seeing what is seemingly a "Spartan" in the game, but giving him either an unblockable or a move with ridiculous stunning and knockback capabilities is a little too much. The only moves he has that aren't unblockable, cause stun, or don't chain into some stamina draining combo are his light attacks, which nobody ever uses because why would you want to light attack when you can eat all of your opponents stamina in a matter of 3 or less hits?

Gladiator - Having a character with the ability to float left or right and half way around your opponent is ridiculous and uncanny.

The recent update seems to only bring out these flaws in these characters. Even though the Centurion was previously "nerfed", the way he plays hardly shows it. The Centurion is also extremely easy to use once you learn the only 2 combos he has, in which, you might as well put your controller down if you get caught in those combos because you will never be able to move again until your character is dead, and are prompted to respawn.

All of the new characters are ridiculously overpowering in some way or another, but the Centurion and Gladiator stick out way too much.

11-11-2017, 01:08 AM
So is the gladiator getting nerfed?
Cant do much with warden against him.

11-11-2017, 05:59 AM
tbh it just sounds like you've peaked as a player. Specially since you can't handle a shove spamming LB.
Centurion is absolute trash unless you sit and wait to parry. majority of his moveset is useless. And due to his stamina cost he can't be aggressive with his feint mix ups.
All he has is his soft feint mix up outside his punishes. Which I will admit can be some what difficult to learn to deal with. But not stupidly hard.

Gladiator is indeed strong. But all unblockables he has save zone give no free damage. and his damage is rather low too. His strength is 100% mind games. So if you're losing to one it's not that glad is OP. it's you failing to learn how to read your opponent.