View Full Version : I didnít get the game in my delivery

10-31-2017, 04:59 AM
I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem Iíve wrote about below? Or knows how I can get this sorted ASAP please.

I pre ordered ACO Deluxe Edition for Xbox One and The Bayek figure because I liked that figure the best out of all the ones made.

My order didnít turn up on release day, but showed up the next day.
I opened the box and inside the box was the Gods Edition (which I didnít order because I liked the other figure better) but also there was no game in the box, just the figure, soundtrack, art book and map.

I contacted support (opened a case) and heard nothing from them, so I had to go into chat myself to chase this, to be told that the chat support agent had to escalate it to the Shop Team and I will hear back when they have information. I contacted them again earlier to see if there was an update and they said there wasnít.

So itís currently Tuesday morning and Iím not able to play the game I have payed for.

I normally go to my local game store on release day and pick my games up but I ordered from the Ubisoft Store because of the 20% discount.

Sorry that this is a bit long, I just wanted to put all the details here.