View Full Version : "Playing with fire" mission bug

10-30-2017, 05:13 PM
In this mission you are tasked with killing General Agrippa in the citadel to retake Vitruvius formula.

After killing the general I got the formula back, it popped up on screen - mentioning testing the fire stuff in the fields around the citadel but there is nothing.

If I talk to Vitruvius he tells me to kill the general, this shows the objective as complete but there is no marker for the next step. I don't think I've missed anything happening locally near the citadel so believe the quest is bugged.

Also tried to reload the objective but it didn't make any difference.

Any advise?

10-31-2017, 12:58 AM
Hello! You're saying that even reloading the objective, or returning to a previous save, still resulted in the same bug?

11-17-2017, 11:12 AM
I can confirm that this is exactly the same for me.
I've been exploring the map more than following the mission path, so I arrived at the Aqueduct with Vitruvius probably earlier than intended if that's significant.
I never got the second part of his mission, but did complete all the parts separately - taking down Agrippa with just 2 shots from the Ballista on the castle wall as he walked out of his office.
Looking this up online I can see I did each part in the wrong order (nothing was stopping me), and now Vitruvius just stands looking at his plans and muttering to himself so there's no path to progress.
I wouldn't be bothered, but apparently I've missed out on a good shield.

Additional: I did see the formula paper when I searched Agrippa, but it is not in my inventory now when I check. Game is on PC and still version 1.03.

01-16-2018, 04:03 PM
same here,no solution to this..i killed him before..