View Full Version : To all those missing code for pre order mission "secrets of first pyramids" in u.k.

10-28-2017, 11:57 PM

If you did not get code in the UK, it's because you only get it from buying the game DIRECTLY from ubisoft. NO OTHER RETAILERS give this mission, that's what I have been told from ubisoft..

Call them on 03716641000...

Despite what you may have been told about contacting your retailer, YOU WILL NOT GET IT... trust me..

I have been at them for days now and have numerous transcripts from their ridiculous support team trying to get this info..

I even have emails etc CLEARLY stating that it would be available from ANY AND ALL retailers because I actually contacted UBISOFT BEFORE buying the game and the wonderful PEDRO said it's fine.. any shop will do..

But even though I was misinformed there is NOTHING THEY CAN, or are WILLING to do...