View Full Version : Bugs and weird things

10-28-2017, 03:43 PM
Hi there,

I will list them below:

1) Crash when starting a new game

During the load screen, while we see the main character in some kind of "Animus limbo", the game crashes.

2) Sound bug

After reaching Siwa for the 1st time, the audio fails when near the house for the first mission. The screen freezes for a second and the audio goes like "bzzzzz", and then back. This occurs a few times in sequence.

3) Poor animation on stairs

I found the animation on stairs very poor. I`m not talking about vertical stairs where you need to climb, I`m talking about normal stairs, where you just need to walk into it. The character seems like he's getting stuck, going very slow, and the animation is very poor on it.