View Full Version : Audio of general population in slow motion

10-28-2017, 07:58 AM
After getting to siwa and walking around, all village people are talking as if they are in slow motion. Cut scenes and mission NPC's are fine but all other audio including some wildlife seems like it is in slow motion.

10-31-2017, 12:15 PM
Are you still experiencing this issue?

If so can you please confirm how your console is setup and which audio output you use?

11-02-2017, 04:21 AM
I also have this issue, I am plugged HDMI with a Sharp Aquos Television, my sound setting are default, I didn't play or modify the original settings.

This game is amazing so far I am a huge fan of the franchise since day one...but this is weird and disappointing a little bit to be honnest.

Please fix this so I can enjoy the game to the fullest...

11-02-2017, 05:14 AM
Actually, even Bayek does it and the merchants in Siwa as well... now that I know it's a real issue I notice it evry time, so annoying...

11-08-2017, 11:47 PM
I uninstalled and re-installed and it's fixed