View Full Version : Mouse Settings (problem\suggestion)

10-27-2017, 07:19 PM
there are a lot of problems of how R6S deals with mouse.
first of all, it ONLY supports polling rate of 125Hz and as much as I know R6S is the only game that has this limitation. and I have to ask the developers why did they do this? why shouldn't we (R6S players) be able to use higher polling rates (which the higher the better)?
and I have suggestions regarding mouse settings, and here they are:
add the option of Raw Input, so I (and I think many others) don't have to disable the windows mouse acceleration every time opening the game and re-enabling it when closing the game.
another suggestion is that to add the option to make the sensitivity any number we want (like 7.259), this makes sure we can set an exact sensitivity even with higher DPI. right now if you use a high DPI mouse the difference between the sensitivity like 10 and 11 would be so much more than it should be.
I would really appreciate if a developer could answer my question and think about my suggestions.