View Full Version : The Parry Controversy

10-27-2017, 06:43 PM
After looking through several posts and responses in the combat and strategy subforum as well as having logged in several hundred hours on the game myself, it is easy to see how turtling and relying exclusively on parries can be annoying to many. As an avid player of fighting games I might suggest a small tweak to parrying that could help resolve this issue.
In other popular fighting games you have a combo breaker for when you need to stop your enemy, it is used to shift momentum, and I think that's what parrying should be. A change in momentum. Currently when you parry a heavy, it becomes; halt, GB, heavy, stare-down and wait for combat to resume.
Perhaps if we remove the guaranteed gb from heavy parry (leave it on light parry as it is worth rewarding) by removing the majority of the stagger. I'm no frame expert or anything, but what if the system was changed to only allow for a light attack after a heavy parry. This would:
1. Make throwing out heavies/missing a feint less punishable, promoting aggression
2. Not allow turtles to get easy kills while the enemy is low as they can not land a heavy to finish them (also makes the whittle slower)
2a. Force turtles to play more aggressively to secure a kill as the opponent could back off to let health regen

While this is far from a perfect fix, making parrying into a momentum shift in theory would overall help the flow of combat.
Thoughts? Tweaks?