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10-27-2017, 05:22 PM
My shipment has no arrived, when I view my order through the ubishop the status says "canceled" with one l, I have not received any email of a cancelling of my order,Ubisoft, DHL and UK Mail are constatnly ignoring me support requests. I gave you guys a lot of money and you cant even deliver my damn game on time, then you continuely refuse to help me sort this out, and I have no email about a delay like so many others do, i could potentially seek legal action for this, it is absolutely pathetic, I have no compensation for this delay, I havent even had any one of you speak to me, you just continue on, and it isn't just me, THERE ARE THOUSANDS WITH PACKAGES MISSING THAT YOU IGNORE, sort it out

10-27-2017, 10:15 PM
Had problem with delivery too, but here (Czechia) in the DHL/PPL a good fairy CALLS to a stupid moron in Germany central, who's not able to copy phone number and entire address from ordeer to their system. From I now,in Germany it is big problem last year or two. Don't blame Ubisoft, they are not delivery boy, which cannot read and write.

10-27-2017, 10:23 PM
I am in exactly same position as original poster. I have contacted them all day and been told nothing other than, the games are in Germany, it will come when it comes and I can't speak to a manager and unless I live in the USA I can't have a digital game code. favouritism.... they can't confirm or deny if my order has been cancelled nor tell me when I will get it if it isn't. it's a shambles. and I do blame ubisoft. they offer this service. if they can't get it to you on release day then dont offer the God damn service in the first place. or stop taking orders a few months before release to ensure they have enough stock and they are all sent out in good enough time for a launch day delivery. people have been given digital codes and limited edition lithographs as compensation. I have been offered nothing. I spent 125 pound on a computer game to not actually receive it to play!?!? absolute joke.

10-27-2017, 10:31 PM
Dude, they haven't given us in the USA having the same issue a code yet... They said they were going to, but they've yet to follow through on there promise.

10-27-2017, 10:32 PM
it's just what they told me. that it's the USA support giving them out and we weren't allowed them in the UK

10-27-2017, 10:39 PM
USA support is telling us they are sorry and to move along.... They must have studied officer Barbrady from south park "Nothing to see here..... Move along"

10-27-2017, 11:57 PM
It's pretty messed up that some people are getting codes and others are not.... Would like to know who they are determining are good enough to get a code?

10-28-2017, 01:24 PM
*Copied message from related thread*

I'm in the same UK boat, only from tracking my package it seems that mine has progressed slightly further to have found it's way into the UK delivery vehicle, but at close of business on Friday the delivery was deffered by the recipient (Strange, I thought that was supposed to be me) so now it's just gonna sit in a delivery van till Monday!

And of course, by the time this appeared on the tracking page, it was too late to contact anyone at support, they'd all gone home for the weekend, so I can't even count on a temporary digital code (Which according to most sources seems to be an urban myth right now).

I pre-ordered this game back in June (And yes, Ubistore took the money back then too), so while they've been enjoying my money, there's been plenty of time for both Ubisoft and the delivery carrier to see to it that my parcel was sitting on my doorstep on release day morning ahead of my regular postage, and yet they still managed to mess it up.

What makes it worse is that:

1: I cancelled an order from Amazon for a specific Ubisoft exclusve Dawn of the Creed version of the game (Regretting that now),

2: I specifically booked leave from work through the weekend to devote some uninterrupted time into playing the game.

Instead, now I've sat at home fumming, wasting the entire release day waiting for it to turn up and the weekend will also be a lost cause since no ones even gonna see the complaint e-mail I sent till Monday (And chances are even if it is dispatched again on Monday, I bet it'll turn up right at the end of the day ... Useless!)

I wonder if they treat their support tickets the same way I treat my junk e-mail folder: Quickly scan the name and subject lines, then select all and 'BLOCK & DELETE' .

It's all very well me venting and saying ' I'll never order from them again' but harsh reality is that since they reserve the best versions of the games for their own exclusive distribution, if I want them, I have to put up with this diabolical non-service.

This is unnacceptable, I invested money, took a break from work and have had that time wasted ... How exactly are they gonna fix that? I think our complaints, as always are just gonna fall on deaf ears ... Prove me wrong for once!

10-28-2017, 01:45 PM
...there's a lot of salt in this thread.

Production, shipping, delivery. Many different and entirely unrelated issues could affect these things. Most of them well outside the control of Ubisoft.
Is it disappointing? Absolutely. Does getting angry on the internet help anything? Certainly not.

You've taken some days off work for a game? Cool. That's great. But you should have known the delivery could be delayed, the package could have been damaged, the game could have serious launch issues. There are a million reasons why your launch weekend plans could have been ruined and don't tell me you didn't know that.

As for the guy up top, taking legal action? Don't be daft. No promise of launch day delivery was made, only an intention to deliver as close to launch day as possible was declared. The sales agreement as well as the terms and conditions you agreed to at the time of purchase both absolve Ubisoft of any legal responsibility in exactly this scenario. They are obligated to provide you with the items ordered or if they can not deliver that, a refund for your order. And all of these things will be handled during Ubisofts business hours like any other issue.

So does it suck? Sure it does. Take me, for example, I've got the game but the sound is messed up with my headset and with no speakers I'm stuck waiting for a fix. Annoying, to be sure, but whatever. Have a chill pill and play something else. I'm fairly certain this isn't the only game in the world you could enjoy playing.

10-28-2017, 05:51 PM
I apologise for the swearing, tried to edit but won't let me.... but yeah utter joke of a company

10-28-2017, 05:58 PM
Oh... think I deleted it... well anyways... people have a right to be salty to be fair. It's not the late issue, it's the disregard by the support staff that's so disgusting. I had an unrelated issue...

BEFORE purchasing I contacted ubisoft support to confirm which shops I could use in order to receive the pre order bonus mission... my response from the "soon to be famous " Pedro from support:

PedroA @Ubisoft Support wrote: 25/10/2017 @ 14:52
Hello sandythehippy,

Thank you for contacting the Ubisoft Customer Support. My name is Pedro and I'm here to help you.

Regarding your question, all pre-orders for Assassin's Creed: Origins will have access to the Secrets of the First Pyramids, regardless of where they were purchased, as long as you have done so with any edition other than the standard one, so you will indeed have access to it.

Hope this clarifies your question. Please let me know if I can assist you with anything else, I'll gladly help you should you have any further questions or require assistance in any other matter.

Kind regards,
Ubisoft Customer Support

So I then chose a shop and ordered it.

Long story short, you only get the code if you buy direct from ubisoft store, and after 3 days of back and forth and pointless random nonsense unrelated to my query that the complete idiots at support, who cannot or will not read the case files correctly or read what you tell them in live chat, I get told it's not their problem and there is nothing that they can or will do...

Not how you treat your customers when it's THEM at fault...

Completely disgusted by the whole experience

10-30-2017, 03:07 PM
Vaporific - I tried to add you on uplay to send a private message rather than discuss in a support forum but you either ignored it or didn't see it. Don't worry though, I wasn't looking to go on a tirade against you or start a fight. You made some fair points, and I was of course exaggerating (People tend to do that when they're annoyed) when I said I the whole weekend had been wasted. Yes, I'm aware that delivery delays loss and damage are common when it comes to ordering things online but it doesn't make it any less suck. And I did indeed play some other games instead, but the work leave I'd booked had been intended specifically for this game, so when it didn't turn up and there was no reply to my queries from Ubi or DHL, it put me in a mood thats' affected my overall enjoyment of everything else. Sure I enjoyed playing some more Skyrim (Sacreligious?) for the 800th + hour, I sorted out some of my overdue household chores and spent a ton of time with the dogs, but my weekend is now over and I'm back to work tonight and I can't help feeling annoyed about the whole lack of support. I wish I could be chill about it all, but just like telling someone with Arachnophobia 'Just don't be afraid of spiders', telling me to be chill about the situation doesn't make me less annoyed about it. Hope you enjoyed your weekend though.

So here I am, Monday afternoon, now almost 2PM, my regular morning mail arrived at 8AM (And I had a Saturday and Sunday delivery as well) so if I expected my parcel to have arrived ahead of the morning mail ON release day, this now makes it over 77 hours late ... And counting (Just checked the front porch just in case ... Nope, still not there).

The DHL tracking page has updated to say the parcel is on-route but no estimate on arrival, just a dubious sentance saying 'The shipment will PROBABLY be delivered to the recipient today' ... Great ... Thanks for that.

Further more, my support case is still stagnating having recieved 0 replies from support staff, I've got no phone calls, no e-mails, no temporary digital code ... Also saw some people saying they haven't recieved their pre-order redemption code for the bonus mission: The Secret Of The First Pyramids ... Well I DO have that ... Fat lot of good its doing me though, not having a base game to play it with.

I saw a Ubi support Moderator post a short message (33 Words) 1 day ago in a related thread saying they were working on getting codes out ASAP through e-mail ... Nothing else ... No explanation, no apology. The message probably took less than 30 seconds to type ... It's a general cold reply to a single thread (That could have easily been copied and pasted to all other related threads) and shows the level of customer care that Ubisoft seems to adhere to.

When it turns up, I'm not going to give the driver a hard time ... Chances are it's a different person to who it would have been on Friday, but I'm in no mood to greet them with a warm smile either. The whole experience has just been terrible and even though the game hasn't turned up yet, some communication, ANY PERSONAL COMMUNICATION would have been much appreshiated and been so much better than silence. As it is right now Ubi's support has been non-existent.

11-01-2017, 03:00 PM
Vaporific, you're not anywhere close to the situation that some of us are in... You can at least play, even if it may be a less than perfect experience for you with proper audio. I have my game installed and can't evermore get the damn thing to launch. My PC is a gaming rig that soars above the recommended specs and doesn't contain hardware listed as problem causing, like AMD CPUs. Yet, I've recieved no contact on my ticket. I can be calm when something goes wrong once in a while, but the silence is completely unacceptable. And yes, legal action can be taken if a company fails to rectify a product that is undelivered or not working. At least in the US. I'm not sure about Europe.