View Full Version : Same Issues as Unity

10-27-2017, 04:19 PM
It appears the peripheral detection issues seen in Unity have not been corrected for Origins...game is unplayable on PC with more than a keyboard and mouse plugged in. Control Icons are constantly flashing between a keyboard control and a keypad control on the PC. Appears the PC version was secondary again to the console and is non-functional. based on all the posts the testing with the PC was not thorough and the interface design not fully tested on PCs in Beta. It is very frustrating to see the same issues seen in Unity for the PC. The game is not detecting USB peripherals correctly and allowing choice of control. The games needs to detect all peripherals attached to the system and allow selection in the options. Since it is not working correctly with the USB mouse, the cursor and mouse are not working at all. Needs to be corrected asap.