View Full Version : HUD options suggestions

10-27-2017, 03:34 PM
Hello Ubisoft!

Loving ACO so far, but I think the HUD could use some changes in options. What we have now is pretty vague, but individual options on a toggle would be even better.

Specifically, I like seeing how many arrows I have left, but do not want to see the gold sparkles when I collect loot and the white ghosting borders identifying a nearby enemy, as well as the white particle effect that appears when I assume I've been lost from line of sight.

This game is so detailed, with specific options for nearly everything else it's surprising to see the HUD, which is the most immersive part (I do not care for numbers rising on my screen when I hit for example) to be not even explained as to what each option does, or better yet, individual toggles.

I hope this is somewhere you can implement!

Pretty much my only complaint! Amazing game otherwise!