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10-27-2017, 09:08 AM
Hi all, sharing few tips and tricks with the community on the PC version, hope this helps

The game doesn't start

1. Add game exe to to AMD/Nvidia control panels
2. Uninstall intel graphic drivers
This fixed it for me
(I also reinstalled uplay, nvidia, but I guess the above two are the most important)

Game has black screen on start

1. This is due to the game's default full screen resolution not matching your screens resolution (Game's is 1080p) , so if your screen is above it, press ALT enter get it to window mode, then change full screen resolution to your screen's resolution or lower. Then it will always work

General Performance tips

1. Do not use adaptive option, it is not adaptive resolution but a heavy varying Anti-Aliasing solution
2. The resolution section(Not graphic) section has resolution options and frame limiting options, use them, this eliminates vsync
3. Going 4K dont use AA, it is not required at that resolution
4. Turn of Volumetric fog , SSR and Tessellation (Most taxing settings), customize all settings, iterate, add them back based on performance level
5. Shadows and foliage density is another must tune area

My GTX 1080 4K 60 fps setting (80% native res)
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