View Full Version : EVGA Precision XOC issue AND a sound bug(?)

10-27-2017, 12:12 AM
So when EVGA Precision XOC is running, the game will overwrite one of my settings that usually is disabled, which is the On-screen Display (OSD). I always have that turned off, but the game simply enables it every time. I have to close the program for it to go away as disabling the option mid-game will result in a crash of the game.

That's the EVGA bug, now with my sound issue:

The voices of NPCs while playing the game (not during cutscenes though) are WAY TOO HIGH and the sound settings won't affect them at all. There is no difference for me in having music / sound effects on 100% or 10% when it comes to the voices, everything else scales as it should.