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10-26-2017, 10:58 PM
Hello, Back in Early this year of the month of June, the Assassins Creed Origins Preorder was announced along with all the bundles and different ways we can preorder the game. Back then, I was a huge Ubisoft fan/supporter because I love the franchises/games you create like Assassins Creed. So, when ACO came out, I jumped on the bandwagon to buy my physical copy of the game early, the Gold steel book edition to be specific. I couldíve easily bought the game anywhere else from Amazon, BestBuy, etc. But Because I was thankful/wanted to support Ubisoft and their content creators/developers, I preordered the game directly from the UbiStore. And Iím sad to say it turns out that was a big mistake on my part.
A week ago, I started hearing from people that early shipments of the game were being released in places like Australia, UK etc. I was very excited and thought maybe I would get my copy of the game early. Especially since the invoice/receipt for my order said the estimated delivery date was set to 10/26/2017. That turned out to be a complete falsehood. As the days started to pass by with the official launch of the game inching closer and closer, I checked my email as well as the UbiStore to see what the status of my package was.
My situation is a little dire because Iím having this preorder to be delivered to my brother in Illinois while Iím here visiting. And Iím scheduled to leave abroad for studies by the end of this month. I was hoping I could get the game on time to spend some time playing it with him before I leave, which it turns out may never happen.
When it was the 24th and I had still not received a confirmation email of any kind or a tracking number I became very very worried. I contacted UbiSupport around 4 times on separate days asking for any kind of information. Whatís the status of my package? Is the Order even going to ship out on time and be delivered on or before launch day? When can I expect a tracking number? Basic and reasonable questions like these went on unanswered by all the many Ubisoft employees I contacted, and I received no information on my preorder. I was essentially left in the dark with no knowledge of the delivery since June of early this year to this day as I contact you. I paid around $130 for a ďpre-orderĒ from the UbiStore to receive my package on time and to support the company/devs that I appreciate. But in the end, I will not receive my order on time nor was I given the common customer courtesy of knowing where my package was, how to track it, and if it was going to come delayed.
In any other situation or with any other company/business that respects its customers enough to admit when they are in the wrong or made a mistake, they would reimburse the customer in some way with either a coupon, discount, free code etc. In this case, places like Amazon, BestBuy are giving customers whose orders are being delayed free digital copies and even free gold memberships for online gaming. That Is the excellent kind of customer service that I would also expect of Ubisoft. But Iíve already read the return/refund policy on the site and It seems that I will not be having the same kind of respect/courtesy.
I Didnít want anything free out of this. I only wanted to get the game I PREORDERED months ahead of time to come delivered on time free of hassles, confusion, and anxiety so I could play it with my brother before I have to Leave. But Instead I wasted months of my time and a good amount of money to pay for a service/game from the developers only to have the game unnecessarily delayed and given no indication/knowledge of the status of my package.
At the end of all this, it seems that unless some type of complimentary service is given to salvage the relationship I have with Ubisoft for this entire horrible experience, I believe I can never in good faith continue to stay a supporter. If I should ever need to buy a game, it seems that I need to rely on the services of more reliable companies with better customer friendly policies like Amazon. No one should have to go through such a frustrating and deceptive time when theyíre paying for a service whose whole point is to be delivered on time ahead or on schedule.

10-28-2017, 01:41 PM
I sympathise with your story as I'm in a similar predicament. I really enjoy Ubisoft games, they may be riddled with flaws on release but they do eventually turn into really fun experiences, some of the bugs are a temporary entertainment in their own right, but loyalty to Ubisoft is definitely not reciprecated.

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I'm in the same boat, though I'm a UK customer, only from tracking my package it seems that mine has progressed slightly further to have found it's way into the UK delivery vehicle, but at close of business on Friday the delivery was deffered by the recipient (Strange, I thought that was supposed to be me) so now it's just gonna sit in a delivery van till Monday!

And of course, by the time this appeared on the tracking page, it was too late to contact anyone at support, they'd all gone home for the weekend, so I can't even count on a temporary digital code (Which according to most sources seems to be an urban myth right now).

I pre-ordered this game back in June (And yes, Ubistore took the money back then too), so while they've been enjoying my money, there's been plenty of time for both Ubisoft and the delivery carrier to see to it that my parcel was sitting on my doorstep on release day morning ahead of my regular postage, and yet they still managed to mess it up.

What makes it worse is that:

1: I cancelled an order from Amazon for a specific Ubisoft exclusve Dawn of the Creed version of the game (Regretting that now),

2: I specifically booked leave from work through the weekend to devote some uninterrupted time into playing the game.

Instead, now I've sat at home fumming, wasting the entire release day waiting for it to turn up and the weekend will also be a lost cause since no ones even gonna see the complaint e-mail I sent till Monday (And chances are even if it is dispatched again on Monday, I bet it'll turn up right at the end of the day ... Useless!)

I wonder if they treat their support tickets the same way I treat my junk e-mail folder: Quickly scan the name and subject lines, then select all and 'BLOCK & DELETE' .

It's all very well me venting my frustrations and saying ' I'll never order from them again' but harsh reality is that since they reserve the best versions of the games for their own exclusive distribution, if I want them, I have to put up with this diabolical non-service.

This is unnacceptable, I invested money, took a break from work and have had that time wasted ... How exactly are they gonna fix that? I think our complaints, as always are just gonna fall on deaf ears ... Prove me wrong for once!

10-29-2017, 08:27 AM
Support team will say anything just to get rid of you .. they are a bunch of incompetent fools

10-30-2017, 03:18 PM
sandythehippy - In my case it's more like they're saying NOTHING rather than anything.

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So here I am, Monday afternoon, now just after 2PM, my regular morning mail arrived at 8AM (And I had a Saturday and Sunday delivery as well) so if I expected my parcel to have arrived ahead of the morning mail ON release day, this now makes it over 77 hours late ... And counting (Just checked the front porch just in case ... Nope, still not there).

The DHL tracking page has updated to say the parcel is on-route but no estimate on arrival, just a dubious sentance saying 'The shipment will PROBABLY be delivered to the recipient today' ... Great ... Thanks for that.

Further more, my support case is still stagnating having recieved 0 replies from support staff, I've got no phone calls, no e-mails, no temporary digital code ... Also saw some people saying they haven't recieved their pre-order redemption code for the bonus mission: The Secret Of The First Pyramids ... Well I DO have that ... Fat lot of good its doing me though, not having a base game to play it with.

I saw a Ubi support Moderator post a short message (33 Words) 1 day ago in a related thread saying they were working on getting codes out ASAP through e-mail ... Nothing else ... No explanation, no apology. The message probably took less than 30 seconds to type ... It's a general cold reply to a single thread (That could have easily been copied and pasted to all other related threads) and shows the level of customer care that Ubisoft seems to adhere to.

When it turns up, I'm not going to give the driver a hard time ... Chances are it's a different person to who it would have been on Friday, but I'm in no mood to greet them with a warm smile either. The whole experience has just been terrible and even though the game hasn't turned up yet, some communication, ANY PERSONAL COMMUNICATION would have been much appreshiated and been so much better than silence. As it is right now Ubi's support has been non-existent.