View Full Version : Helix Credits

10-26-2017, 07:48 PM
Now I know some people will look down on micro transactions in a negative stand point like with SoW but here's the thing people are missing. What did people expect to happen in an age were games are pirated within 24 hours of release. I mean on one hand people hate denuvo and on the other at least there trying to implement security so the dev's can get paid. But as we all know this has been circumvented. So, to ensure that a game is not only successful but multi successful we input micro transaction that insure the game on a premium level and they should because no matter what its always going to be a fight with pirates and I would rather support the creators the one's with actual talent then support some multinational (Russian) hacker waste of skin who's only talent is click bait oh and making a trainer or two like that's talent. Infecting your PC with w/e they have in mind. Again, support your dev's and the company the one's with epic talent and creators of this awesome game. So, in closing Micro transactions are here to stay and it's a good direction and also offers players a work around if they work 9-5.