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10-26-2017, 02:46 PM
Hello to everybody.

Unfortunately I need to share with you very bad news: there some indecent players in H7 multiplayer that use cheat programs in order to increase money or hero stats or something else in the game.

I will now describe all in details and show video to proove it.

Nick of this player is *removed*[/SPOILER]

We had a game on the Dry Sands map.

He was lvl 27, played for Hanguel (Fortress)
I was lvl 25, played for Yohari (Academy)

This *removed* before battle. (Please set video to 1080p to see the numbers clearly)
Please note that his Magic spell power level was 37

After that the battle started.
He casted Blessing of Arkath. It has hit 4 times - with the damage of 1115 each unit. Here is the *removed* to confirm. I specially made it 0.25 speed so that you can see the damage amount.
This damage amount (1115 per unit) is impossible with Magic spell power of 37.
We all know the formula of the Blessing of Arkath (it is available in the game): on fire master is maximum 35+10*Magic, that means with Magic spell poer 37 it should be not more then 35+10*37=405. But his damage was 1115 per every unit!!!! That is impossible in the game, unless you modify the spell power of the main hero with a cheat program.

After that he casted Earthquake.
With Magic spell power 37 and Master of Earth 3 it should give a fixed damage (formula is available in the game) of (80+16*Magic)*2, which means (80+16*37)*2 =1344 max damage to units or walls. Out of this *removed* we can see that the damage of Earthquake of Seal_UC was 2464, that corrisponds to Magic spell power level of 72. This is also means that cheat program was used to modify the spell power of main hero.
I know the name of this program but I will not publish it here.

Be aware that cheaters like Seal_UC may be in the game.
It is a shame :nonchalance:

If anybody is interested to see full battle video with all mentioned above fragments you may find it *removed*.

10-26-2017, 09:11 PM
Thanks for the info .
,,,,,It's sad that the player boasts of his victories, but it turns out that this is a soap bubble. )
Сельпо должно знать своих " героев " , например грозного сиалиса , прям всех убившего , ну прям один ник - уже легенда ^^^^ ) )
It would be nice to catch a couple more "tops"))
Неплохо б еще выловить парочку " топов в топях " в семерочных водах ) , а то прям все такие крутые деваться некуда ^^^ , ну без шансов , елки палки ) ))

10-27-2017, 12:37 PM
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