View Full Version : Please Let us Leave the Helm of the Ships

10-25-2017, 07:06 PM
UbiSoft, please let us be able to leave our ship's Helm. Even if it's just walking around out ships, that's a start. If you guys care at all about making the "Ultimate Pirate Game" give us land exploration, sword and gun gameplay, hell, even if we can just board other ships that would be a MASSIVE step up from just sailing around. I love Ship-to-Ship combat in pirate games, like Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online, more than anything I sailed. But on-foot combat and gameplay is still just as fun, if not more so to some people. I've only ever been more excited about a game once before, and I still am. Even if you give us on-foot gameplay like boarding, land exploration, dueling, ect. in a future expansion, just let us know. Give us more hope that this will be an amazing game to play for more than a few months when everyone gets bored of only being able to play as a ship.

I know a company's only real goal is to make money, but please give the people what they want. I'm sure someone at UbiSoft has seen how strongly people will react, both with words and with their wallets, when a company releases a game that either isn't finished, feels like they got ripped off, has missing mechanics/gameplay, or that has mechanics no one wants.

Even just telling us that on-foot gameplay is coming later would be enough to give us some hope.