View Full Version : New Game Breaking Bug

10-25-2017, 12:11 AM
So.. The past few days since the last patch I have ran into this issue about 3-4 times per session within a 3 hour period of playing. This bug is sporadic and is indeed game breaking because nothing fixes it other than closing out the game while in match and possibly getting penalized for it.

Game Mode: Dominion

Have not tested on other game modes.

Join a match in progress and once you are fully loaded in your character is usually dead waiting to respawn and you are in the sky view of the camera. Once the character is fully loaded you get stuck in the "kill cam" view but you can hear the audio cues "the woosh" as if you were spawning in. You can still fully control your character and the camera at the same time from this sky view but obviously you cant fight like this. I tried getting killed a few times to see if that would fix it but not to my surprise it didn't fix squat. The only fix is to quit out the match or shut off the game.

First time this happened I closed the application out and came back to a damn 10 minute penalty.. Nice..

Second time it happened, I closed the application again and didnt get the 10 minute penalty but it threw me into a new match and the same damn thing happened! Wicked annoying!

the other times this happened I just pulled the plug to get out of the match w/o a penalty because I shouldnt be getting penalized for a bug in the system. Has anyone else seen this? I can update later with video proof but may not be able to till tomorrow as I'm at work.