View Full Version : [SUGGESTION][FEEDBACK] Realistic bullet drop off

10-24-2017, 06:45 PM
The high powered MSR sniper rifle has crazy bullet drop off while the dmrís have none. This doesnít seem right or realistic. Iíve gotten used to the drop off but it still irks me. I remember how SOCOM developers actually went out and field tested the weapons and made realistic weapon profiles for each weapon. This should be done for GR. Weíve all heard stories of snipers hitting targets more than a mile away in real life... if they were using the GR version of those guns they would have to aim up into the sky to hit anything that far away. I think bullet drop off should be realistic for each weapon, not just snipers.

At the end of the day itís a game, but GR has its roots in realism. I think it should stay true to that.

10-24-2017, 07:30 PM
Snipers in the game, allready have a big advantage with the bulletdrop system.. and well i dont think they are gonna change it.. i hope not..