View Full Version : Turn off personal join in progress?

10-23-2017, 11:08 PM
Can we have an option to turn off join in progress for ourselves? As in Iím tired of sitting through the loading screen to see a game where the team I join is 500+ points down. I leave 100% of games I join in progress and I can just alt+f4 out of the loading screen but thatís just as much time. Iím not complaining completely because it is a good system but Iíd rather prefer to just start every game at the beginning instead of halfway.

10-24-2017, 12:38 AM
I'm not sure the system would work if there was an opt-out. I definitely understand it's frustrating to join in progress when a positive result is out of reach, but join in progress also allows sessions to recover from players dc-ing or quitting for whatever reason.

10-24-2017, 11:12 AM
Most frustrating is getting into an Elimination game and get to play the third round, your team is down 0-2. You have no feats against people with unlocked feats. Most likely you lose that round too and have to get back to queuing and loading.

10-24-2017, 12:50 PM
i just think that usually when people are rage quitting out of these matches, it is usually either unfair/unbalanced or disconnect and regardless of the reason, you shouldnít be forcing other players into these matches that players are leaving for a reason. Now I assume theyíre are some players that enjoy the challenge of joining in and turning the match around, but Iím not a fan of cleaning up after other people and I would prefer to avoid the already long loading times of
1. Waiting to find a match
2. Waiting for the character select screen to load and confirm
3. Notice that youíre joining in progress
4.loading further to find out youíre joining a team of no reps who are currently fighting mid 20/30 reps who all have the same naming convention/emblem to show they are a premade team
5.waiting even longer while youíre teammates get stomped while you load in
6.waiting for the bot youíre replacing to either die while heís boosting the point furthest away from all enemies or watching the bot time out for your respawn in the middle of a team fight and watch your newly found teammates get slaughtered because their backup is now at the spawn instead of next to them
7.get maybe a minute and a half of playtime before your team goes into breaking because between the time the guy rage quit and you joined andgot to play, the enemy team had boosted their score by 600 meaning thereís no possible way you could have saved the match even if you were the best player in the game. Itís just not mathematically possible.
8. go sit in matchmaking for twenty more minutes

You wouldnít start a movie that you wanted to see halfway in, you wouldnít start baking a cake halfway through the recipe, you definitely wouldnít start eating a bagel halfway through especially if you had no idea who started it and if 4 strangers were currently stomping it in the ground. So let players opt out of this, the rage quit penalty now makes leaving a more serious offense so when players are leaving a match, itís for a(n objectively) good reason. Donít force other players into that same match. Let the players who want to Join in progress and let those that donít flip a setting in the option menu to off.

10-24-2017, 03:22 PM
There's not enough players in the queue to permit any match filtering.

And I hate this as well. But because of queue times I just suck it up and play.

There is something ubi could do. If more than half a team dc's or quits, speed up the point gain. Double it. To get the match to end sooner.