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10-23-2017, 10:53 PM
Been using 6 piece striker and it is great with the stamina increase. I have also tried Tac...nomad and predators mark

I caught the last 17 hours of the 4th GE and that one was more fun for me then this past one...I soloed all the missions plus challenging lex/hudson/Russian consulate and Queens tunnel.

For all tac users there are 3 commendations on the 4th GE for getting just skill kills and running just skills through the missions...they also have commendations for killing hunters.

I have tested the all 3 variants of the acr/g36/mk16/customp416g3/socom scar/scar L...the first 4 are very viable in pve as their damage has increased and if you add rof mags between 520-560% it makes them better...did not notice much difference the 4 % reduction damage wise made to the lwm4/lvoac it still did it's job. ..depending on what talents you have on your guns the dps on a tactical ACR could be higher than on an M4.

The showstopper is great to use now and my two favorites the house and the big alejhandro are amazing weapons .

The wsp is fun although the need to reduce spawn tines as you can clear an area and run forward to another 500 feet away and the npcs you just killed behind you will start shooting at you along with the npcs to the front so as a solo you can be facing 8 to 12 npcs at once and not just npcs with AR'S. .you have shotgunners shields snipers and cleaner grenade asses to face all mixed in.

And it's worse at the north side of wsp by the dtech area where nothing but lmb/Riker shotgunners spawn along with lmb heavies and Riker heavies and not just purples but elites as well. Please make the spawn times for the npcs a bit longer so I don't have to fast travel out of the area.

Resistance is fun but hard at the later waves especially the hunters you face and have only 4 minutes to kill all 4...you also face the some cleaner heavies that you will remember. Rewards for resistance need to be better.

Legendary missions are a bit easier with the stamina increase I only went down 3 times and that was from elite meeles. .red bars can't meele you down anymore if you have 500k toughness one tried and I killed him...it took forever to matchmake on the pts.

: need to have more dtech in the resistance caches and better rewards or people like me who got to wave 15 or past it will not feel rewarded at all...bosses need to drop either or both classifieds or exotics.

: also don't let your team members if your the leader hog all the shade tech and only use it for themselves for ammo and health kits when you should be using it to upgrade and repair the pulse scanner and turrets I had one guy run completely out of ammo and he was using his pistol because he did not have any shade tech to buy ammo...use the ammo lunch box if you don't want to run out of ammo and have no shade tech to buy any..but don't let your teammates be greedy and not help with upgrading or buying ammo for your team...a notice will come up after every wave and it lists how much SHD everyone has.

; they need more dtech in the southern part of the map not just the northern part as of right now there are only 6 dtech locations all in the northern part of the map and all of them you have to go through npcs to get to.

: going to cost a lot of dtech to optimize all your gear sets. The optimization station is gear I never had all my gear maxes out before.

You need to buff the healing on Striker a bit (no matter what the cry babies say) and tweak firearms a bit for 1.8..also Tactician needs to be looked at. Or let striker keep it"s stacks out of combat.

Don't touch the house SMG or Big A as both are in a good place.

Devil and Heel I feel are good marksmen rifles I enjoyed using them with sentry.

I played underground this week and like it more now as I got to level 40 during the 1.3 heroic era...I really like the new directives and finally finisheda 5 directive 3 phase challenging mission solo which I could never do with the old ones.

I liked fighting the hunters when they showed up and it was twice for me during the 3 phases it was fun...need classified drops down there I did get a few exotics.

There is also a delay/bug on when the npcs get a shock as it takes a couple of seconds after you shoot them before you see it affect them shouldn't that be instant.


Don't change anything I like it the way it is.