View Full Version : Fart Powers Super Pack Request + Buddy Power Ideas

10-22-2017, 09:20 PM
(I hereby bequeath all of the following ideas to Ubisoft)
(Please forward this as applicable)

Despite 10 great classes and an absolutely amazing game (lots of love, you guys are incredible), I was a bit disappointed by the lack of basic and Ultimate fart powers. I'll be the first to admit I didn't use the farts in combat much in The Stick of Truth, but it was largely due to the inconvenient Mana system...

I'd really like to see some Gastromancy powers in DLC...
Here six powers and two ultimates I'd like to see...

- shoot ping pong balls out of my *** at people
- propel myself with a farting dash
- have an area effect fart attack
- light my farts on fire
- fart on my hand and upper-cut people with a fart knuckle sandwich
- blow up a balloon with my farts and release it

Ultimate - Raise the earth with a nuclear fart attack similar to the one with heat lightning that got cut (large area damage)
Ultimate - *** vacuum that sucks a helpless enemy into it and shoots them back out for massive damage (singular enemy damage)

BUDDY POWERS (for possible upcoming DLC Content)

FLYING BRICK - Use your farting ability to launch Super Craig Upwards to break heavy objects high up

BUTT DIAL - Fart on Call Girl's phones to hack even the toughest computers

GASID RAIN - Use your farts combined with Tweek's elemental powers to create a toxic storm cloud that melts through objects

SECRET INGREDIENT - Fart in a Tupperware container full of Token's Mom's Meatloaf to take out an unsuspecting guard when they open it up

10-29-2017, 08:47 AM

BRAIN FART - You fart in Doctor Timothy's face, and he can transmit the sensory information telepathically to an enemy across barriers