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10-20-2017, 06:13 PM
Hello, Motornation!
These are the results for the survey i made 3 days ago.
Total amount of submissions is 244. So thank you to those 244 people who took their time to fill out the survey ;)

1. When did you start playing the crew?

90 of the people who participated have been playing since the beta.
40 started playing when The Crew launched.
24 started playing during the first year.
21 people started when Wild Run expansion was released
42 started playing after Wild Run released. during the second year.
10 started to play when CAU was released.
15 people started playing after CAU release(second year)
And 2 who haven't played The Crew. Probably waiting for The Crew 2.

Interesting that those who were here from the begging are the most. More than half of those who participated were playing from the beginning.

How many hours have you spent playing The Crew?
Since on Uplay you can't really see how much time you have played, most of these are guesses and should be considered not very accurate.

Highest Playtime: 10 000 hours
Average Playtime: 546 hours.

What Platform you play The Crew on?
Because one person can have the game on all of the platforms don't be surprised that the numbers don't add up to 244 :)

181 PC users
58 PlayStation users
29 Xbox One Users
3 Xbox 360 users
and 2 who haven't played.

In what part of the world are you?

144 people, that is 59% of the people who participated, are from Europe.
64 are from North America
18 are from Asia
9 are from South America
8 are from Oceania
and 1 from Africa.

How would you rate The Crew when it launched?

The Crew at launch is rated to be a 7.2
The Crew when Wild Run came out is rated to be 8.2
The Crew when Calling All Units came out is rated to be 7

How Excited are you for The Crew 2?

The excitement level for The Crew 2 is 8.5

Do you like the addition of planes?

Yes - 194(79.5%)
No - 50(20.5%)

Do you like the addition of boats?

Yes - 187(76.6%)
No - 57(23.4%)

Glad to see that people, mostly, like that The Crew 2 will have different vehicles.

How do you feel about The Crew 2 being in the USA again?

113 Like that its still USA.
103 Don't care that its USA again.
28 Hate that its still USA.

Which feature, that The Crew 2 brings to the franchise, do you like the most?

The number indicates how many times it was mentioned.
Planes - 50
Updated map -34
FastFav - 29
New Cars - 26
Boats - 18
Updated graphics -18
Updated physics - 17
Better car sounds - 6
Replay mode - 6
Motosport focus - 4
More bikes - 2
Family system -1

when reading through these i was just
http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/b7/b7867db6ec9d378d96d7264d7fb6a99715da8792ffe84c46b3 fdfccab3590b37.jpg

What features you would like to see in The Crew 2?

A lot of suggestions but to sum it up:
Vinyl editor, Good competitive side of the game(Tournaments, balanced PVP, event variety), Offline mode, Map expansions, Even more cars, Track editor, Custom races, Custom events(set up a summit style event), Detailed customization (Part sculpting), API for fan tools(Get player information), Sell cars, Custom radio, Advanced photo mode, Good police AI, Buy your own place (house/garage), Bigger session size, Trucks, Trains.

Which of these community places do you visit?

In this section i added the places that i visit some times and/or have been featured on @TheCrewGame twitter. So im sorry if i didn't add something, instead i added the "other" option.
The ones that were added by other users (Steam forums, http://driveunlimitedfrance.fr, Instagram, Cruiseanostra Facebook-Group, TDU-Drivetime-Board, 10secondRides-Board, turboduck, tdumods, OWR (former gameprophets), The Crew Hungary (Facebook))

Do you follow The Crew twitter?

No - 55.7%
Yes 44.3%

Do you follow The Crew Facebook page?

No - 52.5%
Yes - 47.5%

Do you actively follow news regarding The Crew?

Yes - 81.1%
No - 18.9%


I think that the results are very interesting, like the last 3 questions where people don't follow where latest news come first but still follow actively the news about the games :D

I think its a nice thing to have these every now and then to simply feed the urge to know something about the people you talk day to day, about the game you love. I hope you enjoyed finding out bout the community as much as I did ;)

cheers ;)

10-20-2017, 06:26 PM
Wow very cool results, thanks for posting. I am also surprised at the number of Redditors and Discord users on the survey. Thank you to all the submitters out there submitting their adventures.

10-31-2017, 06:39 PM
This is awesome, thanks for sharing the results BlackLotus :)