View Full Version : How do i get the black arms that came with the event?

10-20-2017, 05:43 AM
Do i need to play the event gamemode or can i play any mode and get it from there?

Tundra 793
10-20-2017, 05:47 AM
The devs have said the effect can drop from any gamemode except AI duels. Though to be honest, I've tried both PvAI Brawls and Dominions without a single drop, but I've gotten almost 1 drop every time from the Event game mode, so I'd actually suggest just farming that.

Keep in mind you have a chance to loot both the effect, or a Battle Outfit for any of the 16 heroes, and the Effect only counts for 1 category, e.g. Idle, Execution etc. So you might be in for a long grind.

10-20-2017, 06:26 AM
In normal game modes I got an effect for every order i finished too. But all my free cosmetic items where on the Samurai, who I don't have any unlocked. Oh, I also got the effect for Shinobi twice.

10-20-2017, 06:53 AM
Scratch that, I've now gotten the effect for Shinobi 3 times, before any of the heros I play.