View Full Version : So There Might be a New Hint at One of The Next Heroes In This Update

10-19-2017, 10:39 PM
Okay so I apologies if this is just me being stupid. But when you go to the store tab in For Honor and look at the season pass, there appears to be a new silhouette. It doesn't seem familiar to me at all. It looks vaguely like the Gladiator, but I don't recall any hero launching with that kind of nub on the top of their helmet. Again this might just be me being dumb and forgetting something that has been out for a while. But it REALLY looks like a completely different hero than what we have seen before.

Like I'm trying to think who it could be if not a new hero. Because it's too thin to be Centurion. The helmet and shoulders look way different than the Gladiator. I almost want to say Orochi but the sillhoute for new heroes has always been the default gear and Orochi's default gear doesn't have that nub on the top and the helmet shape is way different.

I honestly think it's one of the new heroes because it's too off from any other hero we do have; and it seems close enough to be possibly Ronin if that is one of the new heroes.

IDK do you guys think it's a new hero, or just a silhouette of one of the existing heroes?