View Full Version : registering e-mail

10-19-2017, 11:05 AM
I got a e-mail from ubisoft,

''Thank you for joining our community.
You will be contacted soon to help us shape the future of Anno.
Stay tuned for new infos!''

I am a member from the first day of Anno Union forum.
in my account it says that i am a member started today?!?

whats happening?

10-19-2017, 11:12 AM
i got a e-mail on March 18 that says ''Hi Tarkito,

Welcome to Ubisoft.''

can someone help me with this?

10-21-2017, 09:57 AM
Hi Tarkito,

if i understand it right, then the email from March 18 is for the Forums too? In that case, it sounds like there might have been two uPlay Accounts created.
Before October 17, have you ever posted here on the Forums?