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10-18-2017, 04:18 PM
The metropolis sits astride an intensive transportation network of trains, planes and cars. Rooms for rent in jersey city. It has six faculties and universities with a total of 60,000 college students. there may be prime office space to be had, and new residences downtown are far less expensive than housing in big apple town or even Jersey town.

in keeping with town officials and developers, it has a great deal of what Amazon, the retail giant, has said it wishes because it searches for a place to build its 2nd headquarters, in a national opposition that has end up known as HQ2.

The city is Newark.

“we've got exactly what Amazon is searching out, in terms of increasing their organization in a city as a way to help them develop and where it might have real social effect,” said Mayor Ras J. Baraka in an interview. “Newark is an opportunity to make a actual assertion, approximately what they’re trying to accomplish inside the u.s.a. within the age of end".